ASUS ROG Ally World of Warcraft settings & performance: how does it run?

We discuss the ideal WoW ROG Ally settings, plus the performance you’re likely to get out of the game

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We’ve certainly progressed far in the gaming space that playing WoW on a handheld device, specifically ASUS ROG Ally World of Warcraft gaming, is a very feasible reality. Below we’ll discuss what performance you can actually get out of the game on this handheld PC and whether it’s worth your time or not.

The ASUS ROG Ally has emerged as a formidable competitor in the market of high-end handheld gaming PCs, challenging the dominance of Valve’s very popular Steam Deck. As with the competing device, one of the big draws of the ROG Ally is its wide range of game compatibility, which includes a diverse range of titles from platforms like Steam, Blizzard, and others. If a game is designed to run on Windows 10 or Windows 11, then it’s probably compatible with the ASUS ROG Ally – that being said, just because a game is compatible doesn’t mean it will run to a standard you’d want to play, as with any gaming PC/laptop this depends on how demanding the game in question is.

ASUS ROG Ally World of Warcraft performance & ideal settings

The core specs of the ASUS ROG Ally are well above the minimum specs required to play World of Warcraft, with its 16GB of RAM plus Ryzen Extreme Z1 processor with integrated graphics that outperforms the CPUs and dedicated graphics cards listed. But how smoothly does it run and at what settings?

A couple of YouTubers like Dylan Tayag and Rhoody TV have run WoW on the ROG Ally, so we know what kind of performance you’re likely to get. Dylan’s video gave us the most insight, and we can observe an average FPS of between 65-80 FPS or thereabouts, when he was playing the game at 1080p resolution on high graphical settings with FOV set to 90, but with Anti-Aliasing and Ray-Tracing disabled and FSR set to 1.0. It’s unclear what the TDP for the Ally was set to in these tests, but you could play around with it yourself within the Armory Crate software. Based on these results you could probably push the settings even higher and still have an enjoyable experience, as WoW isn’t really a game where those high-FPS numbers are particularly essential (compared to a first-person shooter say).

In the comments below the video, Dylan also mentions that his testing was done before a firmware update that should apparently increase performance by ‘at least 20%’, though we have yet to verify this ourselves.

In short, the ASUS ROG Ally World of Warcraft performance is very good, and it’s a very viable way to play the game.

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