Can you play Valorant on Asus ROG Ally?

Is the ROG Ally the answer to Valorant on the go?

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Since its release, the ROG Ally has gained significant popularity as a handheld gaming device, positioning itself as a robust alternative to the Steam Deck. If you’re specifically interested in playing Valorant on the ASUS ROG Ally, you’ll be pleased to know that it is indeed possible.

There are numerous videos available, such as those from Hitech Century, showcasing users successfully running Valorant on the Ally. With smooth gameplay running at over 100FPS on the device, it proves to be an effective platform for enjoying the game. However, it’s worth noting that playing with a mouse and keyboard is generally recommended, as Valorant lacks native support for controllers. Trying to win matches solely using the touchscreen, joysticks, and buttons will be tough!

Regardless, the AMD Ryzen-powered handheld gaming PC offers an impressive gaming experience compared to devices like the Valve SteamDeck running on SteamOS or the relatively less powerful Nintendo Switch. With its RDNA platform, the ROG Ally delivers an immersive gaming experience across a wide range of titles, from esports games to AAA titles.

How to play Valorant on the ROG Ally

Installing and downloading Valorant on the ROG Ally is a straightforward process, much like on any other Windows platform since the Ally natively runs on Windows. As a portable Windows machine, you can use it just like any other gaming PC.

To install Valorant, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Valorant website.
  2. Click on “Play Now” and sign in to download the game.
  3. Allow the game to download and install, which includes the installation of the rootkit used as an anti-cheat measure.
  4. After the installation is finished, you may need to restart your device and log in to the Valorant application.
  5. You’re now ready to start playing the game.

Alternatively, if you have Xbox Game Pass on the Ally, you can also install Valorant through that platform. The collaboration between Microsoft and Riot simplifies the process, offering an alternative method to access the game without using first-party sources. Both options provide an excellent way to enjoy Valorant on the go or even while relaxing on the couch.

The hardware on the ROG Ally delivers graphics that are more than sufficient for the small screen, and if desired, you can dock the device for desktop usage as well. Enabling the performance mode should provide a significant boost for the Zen Extreme APU’s GPU. Just ensure that you have enough storage space to accommodate the game, and consider making any necessary upgrades or adjustments to further optimize your gaming experience.

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