How to right click on the ROG Ally handheld

The different methods you can use to engage the ASUS ROG Ally right click, explained in brief

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If you want to know how to right click on the ASUS ROG Ally then we won’t waste any more of your time than we need to. There are a couple of different methods that your might favor, depending on how you use the device.

  1. Right click using the touchscreen: If you prefer navigating via the touchscreen, simply hold down the screen on the point where you want to right click, and this should perform the action (merely tapping the screen performs a left click).
  2. Use the right trigger: If you prefer using your ASUS ROG Ally with the attached controller joysticks, then simply use the right stick to move the cursor on top of whatever it is you want to select, and then you can use the right trigger which will act as a right click (the right trigger is located behind the top-right of the console, behind the right bumper button – see the button map below if you’re still confused).
  3. Dock the Ally and use additional peripherals: If you decide to connect the ASUS ROG Ally to a TV or monitor via the Gaming Charger Dock, you can also use the spare USB-A slot to attach whatever peripherals you want, and map the right click key to them however you like. You can even attach an actual mouse and keyboard and just right click in the conventional way.

ASUS ROG Ally button mapping

If you’re not sure what all the different buttons on your ROG Ally are called or where to find them, have a look at the image below.

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In their default setting, the above buttons have the standard navigation actions mapped to them, for when you’re moving between the menus on your ROG Ally:

  • A button: select/enter
  • B button: back/escape
  • Right joystick: cursor movement
  • Right bumper (RB): left click
  • Right trigger (RT): right click

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