Nintendo Switch 2 – Everything We Know

All we know about the Switch 2

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Nintendo ruled the world of handheld gaming from the day they released the Game Boy, and with each new iteration and console since – we’ve seen more and more advancements and developments. From the Game Boy to the Game Boy Colour, then the DS and then 3DS – needless to say, Nintendo have always helped evolve the world of handheld gaming. Though, nowadays – with so many competitors, and the abundance of mobile devices for handheld gaming, the Nintendo Switch 2 is going to have to be really new and innovative to get people excited again. Although it’s highly unlikely the ‘Switch 2’ will even be called such, in this article we’ll go ahead with that notion for ease and convenience.

Is there a Nintendo Switch 2 release date yet?

As of yet, there’s no release date – nor even a release window. However, speculations lead to April 2024 being the very earliest we could potentially see a Switch 2 release. But that’s highly optimistic.

Nintendo Switch 2 Price Speculation

Although impossible to know, we can at least use Nintendo’s past releases to speculate how much the Switch 2 will be. At launch, the Switch was about $300, and now – nearly 6 years later, only dropped by about $50. But one of the Switch’s biggest competitors is the Steam Deck – and despite its heightened price ($700-$500), it has access to a greater library of games as well as better performing specs.

So when it comes to the Switch 2, price will likely depend on where Nintendo wants to take their new device – who it will be rivalling in the market. If it’s going to be a direct Steam Deck competitor, it could see a similar price.

As more details are released, we’ll be able to gauge the price a lot easier then.

What Nintendo Switch 2 Specs We Hope To See

The Nintendo Switch was a great device – but as the years went on, the many faults this device had became clear. Nearly every single Switch owner will be familiar with JoyCon drifting and more than likely have had to replace their controllers. The Nintendo controllers have become infamous – being uncomfortable to hold but also just poor in quality. Not to mention the plethora of problems caused by the detaching controllers upon release.

With the Steam Deck providing a much smoother experience – and all the same features that people cared about, Nintendo are going to need to figure out a new gimmick to entice gamers once more. But that’s something Nintendo have strived at, from their first console, they’ve always made new and innovative products, as such – they’re going to need to make something new to stand out among the market.

Will the Switch 2 be OLED?

Just as the Switch OLED became popular and the typical go-to for new Switch purchases – the Switch 2 will likely be OLED by default. But what we want to see is a boost in refresh rate, considering the default 60hz the base console has is one that really butchers the quality of some games.

Will the Switch 2 have backwards compatibility?

Given that most of the new generation of consoles do feature a degree of backwards compatibility, we’d like to think the Switch 2 will have it too. However, many of Nintendo’s consoles haven’t supported backwards compatibility and we doubt the Switch 2 will be any different.

Could the Nintendo Switch 2 support 4K?

With Microsoft and Sony taking strides in supporting the latest tech, Nintendo are less likely to follow suit. Considering the difference – with Microsoft and Sony’s gaming consoles needing only to be compatible, Nintendo would need to make a device that features a 4K screen. Logistically and financially, this would boost the price of the console altogether. So, unless they’re willing to bolster the price of the console overall – risking people’s budgets – it’s unlikely the Switch 2 will have a 4K screen.

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