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If you are a gamer who’s looking for the best budget keyboard without compromising on its quality, we have got you covered. Many gaming keyboards come at a steep price. However, you can still find budget options in the market offering similar typing performance.

A great gaming keyboard should have a sturdy build and offer great performance at a reasonable price. But with so many cheap keyboards for gaming in the market, how to choose the best budget keyboard?

In this article, we will help you decide how to choose the best budget keyboard. We will also reveal some cheap keyboards for gaming to help you make an informed purchase decision. So read on. 

Main Factors to Consider When Buying a Budget Keyboard for Gaming

When reviewing various budget keyboards, you may find yourself torn between two or more keyboard models. To help you make an informed purchase decision, here are the most important factors you should consider when choosing the best budget keyboard:


When looking for a budget gaming keyboard, you will come across tons of options. However, not all budget keyboards have good build quality. Since gaming keyboards have to withstand heavy usage, make sure that the keyboard you have your eye on has a sturdy build. 

In addition to the build quality, it is also important to test the keys of the keyboard. Make sure they match your typing needs and speed and also check whether they are comfortable to use.


While many manufacturers advertise their keyboards as “budget-friendly”, make sure you do your research and find the best deals out there. For instance, many stores reduce prices during holidays like Christmas and Black Friday. So hunt for the best promotional offers for the keyboard you have your high on.   

Warranty Terms and Shipping Costs

If you are purchasing a budget keyboard online, make sure to check its warranty terms and shipping costs. Sometimes, the total cost of the keyboard after shipping may exceed your budget. 

What’s more, the warranty terms of a budget keyboard may not be ideal if you are buying it at a low price. So make sure to check whether the warranty terms are favorable before you make a purchase. 

Best Budget Keyboard: Keychron K12

Keychron K12




Bluetooth 5.1/ USB Type-C


Gateron blue/brown/red



Keychron K12 is one of the best and most budget-friendly keyboards out there. Ideal for both work and play, this wireless keyboard offers access to up to three devices at once via Bluetooth. It has an outstanding battery life of 70 hours with a backlight and 240 hours without a backlight. 

In terms of performance, the Keychron K12 offers a great typing experience at an affordable price. It also has a hot-swappable version that lets you swap the switches easily. However, the built-in Gateron G Pro switches are amazing as they are. 

Overall, it is the best budget keyboard that feels comfortable at the fingertips. It is available in various configurations and sizes. So you can easily find the best budget keyboard according to your specific needs and typing habits. 

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