Best Motherboard for AMD RX 6700 XT 2024

Our picks for the best 67000 XT motherboards

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If you’ve only got $300 in your pocket, need to game on a budget, and only have a 1080p monitor, you’re pretty much in luck. AMD’s got the best budget gaming GPU for you and it’s the AMD Radeon 6700 XT. This GPU is practically the king of 1080p gaming in 2024, owing to its incredibly raw performance and rasterization.

While you might be tempted to go for either team Green’s offerings, that would be an issue considering they’re priced quite higher despite similar performance across the board. Still, you might want to save a bit more for one of the best motherboards, as the 6700 XT does need smooth power delivery to make it worth the salt.

AMD Radeon 6700 XT vs RTX 4060 Ti

It’s incredible to see that the 6700 XT manages to put up a good fight not only against the 4060 Ti but the 3070 as well. For the most part, you get similar raw performance across the board with AMD’s offering outperforming the 4060 in some cases while the 4060 edging out the 6750 XT is only a few games. 

But if you turn on Ray Tracing and DLSS, things change drastically with the 4060 outperforming the 6700 XT. But if you’re not a fan of these features from the get-go and just want raw performance with no gimmicks, then the 6700 XT is your best bet. Besides, it’s only $320 which is $100 cheaper than Nvidia’s cheapest offerings.

Best High-End Motherboard: Gigabyte X670E Aorus Master

Gigabyte X670E Aorus Master

Form Factor


Memory Support

4 x DDR5 DIMM (up to 192 GB)/ 8000(OC)


Quad M.2, PCIe 5.0, USB 3.2 Gen2X2 Type-C, WiFi 6E, Intel 2.5GbE LAN

  • Excellent 16+2+2 Digital Power Phases
  • Efficient Cooling Capability
  • Attractive Design
  • Expensive

For those opting for the powerful 6700 XT, investing in a top-notch motherboard is a no-brainer. The Gigabyte X670E Aorus Master stands out as a premium choice. It boasts an impressive 16+2+2 VRM Design with 105A Smart Power Stages, ensuring robust power delivery. The motherboard features an 8-layer PCB with a thick copper layer and efficient heat sinks for superior cooling. Storage options include 2x PCIe 5.0 M.2 slots and 2x PCIe 4.0 slots, along with 6 SATA ports for additional storage needs.

Best All-Rounder: MSI PRO X670-P WiFi


Form Factor


Memory support

4 DIMMs, Dual Channel DDR5-5600+ (OC)


PCIe 4.0, SATA 6Gb/s, M.2, USB 3.2 Gen 2


Wi-Fi 6E

  • Powerful 14+2+1 VRM design
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation
  • Abundance of storage and expansion options
  • No Integrated RGB

The MSI PRO X670-P WiFi is an ideal choice for users seeking a motherboard with all the essential features for gaming and productivity tasks. With a powerful 14+2+1 VRM Power Phase Design, it guarantees a stable power flow for the 6700 XT, even under high loads. The motherboard provides a generous selection of storage options, including one PCIe 5.0 M.2 slot and three PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots.

Best Budget-Friendly Processor: B650 Aorus Elite AX

Gigabyte B650M Aorus Elite AX

Form factor

Socket AM5

Power stages

Twin 12+2+2 Phases Digital VRM Solution


2* M.2/ PCIe 5.0/ USB 3.2 Gen2X2 Type-C/Intel 2.5GbE LAN

RAM support

DDR5 128GB (6666 MHz)

  • Solid Price-Point
  • Impressive DDR5 Bus Speeds
  • Sufficient Storage Options
  • Lack of PCIe x4 slots

If you’re aiming for peak GPU performance without breaking the bank on a motherboard, the B650 Aorus Elite AX is a fantastic choice. Its respectable Twin 14+2+1 Phase Digital VRM Design ensures reliable power delivery. The motherboard is equipped with ample cooling potential, thanks to multiple heat sinks across the board. For storage, it offers one PCIe Gen 5.0 M.2 slot and two PCIe Gen 4 slots.

In Summary

Whether you’re seeking a top-tier motherboard or a budget-friendly option, our picks for the 6700 XT GPU cater to gamers from all walks of life. The Gigabyte X670E Aorus Master excels in high-end performance, the MSI PRO X670-P WiFi impresses as an all-rounder, while the B650 Aorus Elite AX offers fantastic value for the price. Choose the one that best suits your needs and make the most of your 6700 XT.

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