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If you are looking for the best keyboard mouse combo to go with your PC setup, there are tons of options to choose from. However, to find the best keyboard mouse combo, you need to know where to look and what to consider before buying a good combo. 

In this article, we will reveal all the factors you should consider before buying a keyboard mouse combo. We have also shared our top pick at the end of this article. So read on. 

Main Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Keyboard Mouse Combo

Many manufacturers roll out keyboard and mouse combos in a single pack to offer an affordable and convenient option for your peripheral needs. To choose the right one for you, here are the main factors you should consider before buying the best keyboard mouse combo:

Connection Type

All keyboard and mouse combos are available in two types of connection capabilities, wired and wireless combos. Wireless combos offer connection via a wireless dongle or Bluetooth. Whereas wired combos require you to plug them directly into your computer.

While both have their pros and cons, many people prefer wireless keyboards and mice due to the freedom of use they offer.  With a wireless keyboard and mouse combo, you can easily carry your peripherals anywhere you want. 

However, do note that wireless combos will be a little more expensive than wired ones. So if you are someone who does not have to carry their keyboard and mouse around, you can get a wired combo. 


All Bluetooth keyboards and mice are universal, meaning that they can easily be used with any computer. But there are many tablet keyboards and mice versions that are OS-locked. They only work with Apple or Android devices. 

So before you make a purchase, make sure to check whether the keyboard and mouse combo you have your eyes on is compatible with your PC or tablet. 


Most people use their mice and keyboards almost every day. If you spend even 10 hours a week on your computer, you need to have a comfortable keyboard and mouse that does not put a strain on your hands.

When buying a keyboard and mouse combo, make sure to check if it has an ergonomic design. Get a combo that is designed with the user’s comfort and ease of use in mind. 

Best Keyboard Mouse Combo: Logitech MK850

Logitech MK850 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Connectivity technology

Keyboard Connection Type: Bluetooth Smart and 2.4GHz wireless connection Mouse Connection Type: Bluetooth Smart and 2.4GHz wireless connection

What makes the Logitech MK850 the best keyboard mouse combo, in our opinion, is that it has no cons whatsoever. The Logitech MK850 offers comfort, ease of use, and versatility in a single pack. 

Although this combo was released in 2017, it is still a favorite because of its performance and design. This combo can be connected to up to three devices at once. What’s more, it comes with an ergonomic mouse and a comfortable keyboard with wrist rest so you can work for hours without any problem. All of this and more makes it our top pick for the best keyboard mouse combo.

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