AMD RX 8000 Release Date

AMD Radeon RX 8000 Series rumors: Everything we know about RDNA 4

We could potentially see RDNA 4 GPUs by the end of the year but AMD could be switching things up

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2024 has started with an impressive host of GPU announcements: from the new AI-powered upgrades in the new RTX 4000 series such as the 4070 Ti Super to AMD’s new range of gaming APUs. That hasn’t stopped the rampant AMD Radeon RX 8000 series release date speculation from continuing, as PC enthusiasts worldwide demand more information on the new graphics card range – which many think will be here sooner than we think. The latest rumors claim AMD may be focussing on the mid tier and below, leaving the high-end cards to Nvidia this time around.

AMD Radeon RX 8000 Series Release Date Speculation

As of now, AMD is keeping quiet about any possible RX 8000 series release date information, but as we will soon see there are some pointers that could indicate a potential window for a release. The GPU manufacturer is currently in development of the new RDNA 4.0 graphical architecture, building off the already bestselling RDNA 3.0. According to leaks brought to us via Moore’s Law is Dead on YouTube, the earliest we could see RDNA 4.0 being implemented is in the third financial quarter of 2024 – though his sources conflict on this, with another claiming a 2025 launch is more likely. One source claims:

“RDNA 4.0 will be ‘ready’ and ‘able’ to launch in Q4, with a slim chance of a launch in Q3 2024 or Q1 2025.”

– Anonymous, via Moore’s Law is Dead

The quotation marks around the readiness of RDNA 4.0 give us pause, but would align with AMD’s generally longer period of quality-control and their shorter period between announcement and release. Given that this new architecture will coincide with the launching of the RX 8000 series, we believe the two are linked.

With that in mind, we predict a Q4 2024 launch for the AMD RX 8000 series of GPUs. Given that the previous RX 7000 series launched in late 2022, this sets a precedent for late-year graphical releases from AMD. This would also align with releases on the other side of the GPU market: with rumors of an Nvidia RTX equivalent that is expected to launch in late 2024 as well. Though as these sources suggest, a 2025 release wouldn’t be surprising given the success of RDNA 3.0.

AMD Radeon RX 8000 Series: Possible Specifications

Though the specificities will vary from model to model, here’s what we can expect from the RX 8000 series specifications:

ProcessorRDNA 4.0
ChipAMD Navi 48 – Navi 43
Clock Speed (Boost)3.0 GHz – 3.3GHz
Processor Bus Width256-bit
Source: Moore’s Law is Dead

A surprising element of these potential specifications is the RX 8000 series retaining the GDDR6 memory type – at least on launch. Nvidia’s RTX 50 series are reportedly set to be upgrading to GDDR7 for their virtual memory – perhaps this could signal AMD pivoting away from competitive high-end GPUs?

That major change, however, is of course RDNA 4.0, which is set to employ a combination of 3nm and 5nm processing nodes up from 3.0’s singular 5nm. New versions of ATHUB, LSDMA, HDP, and IH are all packaged in with this architecture upgrade. It will be some time before we know how worthwhile these improvements are, however, and what effect they have on gameplay.

The other new technology speculated to be featured is a heavily rumored new Navi 4X range. The Navi 48, in particular, is set to be AMD’s flagship chip for future GPU generations: with a speculated 256-bit interface width for performance boosts. This, however, would effectively bury any chances of higher-end GPU performance to compete with newer Nvidia GPUs such as the RTX 4090. Clock speeds would, optimistically, be no higher than 3.5GHz, which would hamstring overall performance.

AMD Radeon RX 8000 Series Price Speculation

With that said, what sort of price point could we expect from these new GPUs? AMD are across the board very good at pricing their GPUs in accordance with demand, so we can expect a reasonable price tag with the RX 8000 series.

We predict a lower-end price point for the RX 8000 series will start at $400, with the bottom-tier Navi 43 chip, with more advanced models costing between $550 and $650, depending on specifications. They will likely also be followed with XT and XTX variants in time, with proportionally higher prices.

Will the RX 8000 series be worth the wait?

If the current rumored specifications are to be believed, it would signpost AMD’s commitment to high-quality mid-range graphical processing, as opposed to reaching for top-shelf performance with each generation of GPU. Perhaps the manufacturer is realising the point at which performance and price are no longer easily matched: top-of-the-line GPUs already have heft price tags, which alienate huge swathes of the market.

However, this could make the RX 8000 series a worthwhile GPU investment: if RDNA 4.0 is a standout performance improver, the RX 8000 series specs could make for lower price points for competitive graphical fidelity.

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