ASUS ROG Ally X Pre Order Where to Buy

ASUS ROG Ally X Pre Order & Where to Buy: Available in the USA

Where can you buy the ASUS ROG Ally X?

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The recently revealed ASUS ROG Ally X is already garnering interest in the handheld games console community, and with the release date right around the corner, many are wondering where they can get their ASUS ROG Ally X pre order from. ASUS have implemented a fast turnaround between announcing the new handheld and it being available, so time is limited for you to place your pre order.

We’ve detailed below the best places to place your pre order for the ASUS ROG Ally X in the US, UK and Canada – so that users can get their hands on the handheld as soon as possible. With a range of options to choose from, you can pre order the ASUS ROG Ally X from a retailer of your choice with ease.



AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme





Where to Buy & Pre Order the ASUS ROG Ally X USA

With one of the largest markets for handheld consoles in the world, you have plenty of options for pre ordering the ASUS ROG Ally X in the USA. Those that don’t already have active pre orders will be updated as soon as the page does:

Best BuyNewegg

Where to Buy & Pre Order the ASUS ROG Ally X UK

The UK, whilst not the burgeoning market for handheld consoles as in the USA, has a fair range of affiliate retailers. Here’s where you can get your hands on an ASUS ROG Ally in Britain:


Where to Buy and Pre Order the ASUS ROG Ally X Canada

For Canadian handheld gamers, the selection is similar to that of the USA, with a great deal of overlap in retailers. Expect pre order offers from the following sites:

AmazonASUS Canada
Best BuyNewegg

ASUS ROG Ally X: Specs Compared

APUAMD Ryzen Z1 ExtremeAMD Ryzen Z1 ExtremeAMD APU 6nmINTEL Core Ultra 7 155H
Screen7″ 1080p/120Hz 7″ 1080p/120Hz 7.4″ 1080p/90Hz 7″ 1080p/120Hz

If you’re on the fence as to whether to invest in the ASUS ROG Ally X pre order, then it may be helpful to see how the console measures up to other competitive handhelds from other manufacturers. ASUS have been very clear that the ROG Ally X is not a brand new iteration of the original Ally, but more of an upgrade. As such, it sits at an interesting comparison point with consoles like the Steam Deck OLED. The original ROG Ally is still touted as a great Steam Deck alternative, so it’s interesting to see how ASUS have responded with an improved version to match Valve.

Though a lot of the hardware remains the same (the Steam Deck OLED’s draw as an upgrade was the improved screen), the ROG Ally X’s improved memory is a major contributing factor to it’s appeal. At 8GB more than even the most recent releases such as the MSI Claw, the ROG Ally X’s performance is expected to be majorly boosted – justifying the higher price, in our minds. An improved battery life nearly double that of the Claw – which had partly marketed itself on its superior battery life – is also a major selling point.

However, with the same screen and little changing under the hood beyond the RAM and storage, some may not be able to justify the ROG Ally X’s price point – at $150 more than the original Ally. It’s also heavier and thicker than the Ally – though only by a matter of grams and millimeters. Until people are able to get their hands on the handheld, there’s also no telling whether the ROG Ally X will be plagued with the same stability issues as its predecessors.


What is the ASUS ROG Ally X release date?

The ASUS ROG Ally X releases on the 22nd July 2024.

Is the ASUS ROG Ally X OLED?

No: the ASUS ROG Ally X has the same IPS screen as the original ROG Ally.

In Summary

There’s a limited time to get your ASUS ROG Ally X pre order ready, so we hope you found the right retailer for your region. We’ll continue to update this page with new resources and sites, so keep checking in to secure your ASUS ROG Ally X!

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