The Best Aesthetic Usernames

The Best Aesthetic Usernames

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Having a unique username will always make you stand out from the crowd. A change in your username can single you out, it’s one of the first things people will notice about your online presence. Whether it’s your gaming username or online tag, your username is often how people will come to know you. And unlike your own given name, you can be as creative and unique in your username as you want. But if you’re in the need for some ideas for the best aesthetic usernames, we’ll try and help you out.

Tips for a good aesthetic username

Long gone are the days of ‘xX_EdgeLord_Xx’, and most names are sandwiched by Xs and underscores. Though, understandably, people were limited to their choice of username in previous years. Only recently have we been able to use any username that we want, with a combination of digits to identify you from someone with the same name. Now all you need is a name that you’re happy with for your gaming, social media, or channel needs.

Now, don’t be afraid to stand out. There’s a number of different formulas you can consider, or types of things, but we find that two words roll off the tongue better. But what words should you use? Here’s a few to consider:

  • Gemstones (Rose, Jasper, Bismuth, Pearl, Diamond, etc…)
  • Colours (Blue, Pink, Yellow, Cyan, Black, White, etc…)
  • Animals (Wolf, Tiger, Kitten, Lion, Hawk, etc…)
  • Moods (Happy, Joyous, Melancholic, Apathetic, etc…)
  • Flowers (Petal, Daisy, Lily, Wildflower, etc…)
  • Myth (Dragon, Unicorn, Sasquatch, Mothman, etc…)

Consider these kinds of words and then fuse them together. Some of the best aesthetic usernames tend to be alliterations (words that start with the same letter):

  • Pale Petal
  • Depressed Diamond
  • Misunderstood Mothman
  • Frightful Diamond

Aesthetic Usernames / Stand Names

Whether you’re familiar or not with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, you can draw inspiration from the naming conventions in the beloved manga series. In Jojo’s, many of the special abilities (spiritual manifestations) are named after either songs or musicians. This would make for a unique username as well as a way of showing your own interest in music.

Some examples of this could be:

  • Made in Heaven (Queen)
  • Aerosmith
  • Pretty Fly (The Offspring)
  • Proud Mary (Tina Turner)
  • Dancing Queen (ABBA)
  • Holy Diver (DIO)

Scroll through your playlist and see if either a song or a musician’s name stands out! Show off your taste as well as stand out among other usernames.

Pop Culture Aesthetic Usernames

Equally, you can use pop culture in your choice of username. Whether it’s the name of a character from something you like, or a particular event or location. You can be as creative as you want and even show off what you like. Here’s a few examples we could think of but use these as a template for anything else you might like.

  • Dayman / Nightman (Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
  • [Your country/state] Strangler (The Office)
  • Darth [your name] (Star Wars)
  • God of [your choice]
  • Stupid Sexy [your name] – The Simpsons

Aesthetic Username Generator

If you’ve struggled to find a good Aesthetic username thus far, we might have a little game for you instead. All you need is a dice roller, you can use Google’s own dice roller for this. Depending on the table, you’ll need a different-sided dice. Just follow along with the tables for your own aesthetic username, and if you’re not happy with it just try again.

First, you’ll need to roll to see which table you’ll be rolling on! Get yourself a 4-sided dice and see which table you get, then roll a 12-sided die – this result will correspond to the first word in your aesthetic username.

First Word in your Aesthetic Username

Roll a 4-sided die to see which column to use.

Dice ResultColumn
1Column A
2Column B
3Column C
4Column D

Now roll a 12-sided die for the first word!

Dice ResultColumn ADice ResultColumn B Dice ResultColumn CDice ResultColumn D
1Blue 1Salted 1Unlucky1Flying
6Iridescent 6Planet 6Scruffy 6Curious
7Pale 7Cute 7Reckless7Depressed
8Single 8Twisted 8Lumpy8Anxious
9Silent9Accidental 9Obscure9Olympic
11Feral 11Violent 11Posh11Elegant
12Humungous12Maniacal 12Scrawny12Mystic

Second Word in your Aesthetic Username

Roll a 4-sided die to see which column to use.

Dice ResultColumn
1Column A
2Column B
3Column C
4Column D

Now roll a 12-sided die for the second word!

Dice ResultColumn ADice ResultColumn B Dice ResultColumn CDice ResultColumn D
3Banana3Angel 3Rabbit3Crusader
4Salad 4Demon 4Squirrel 4Fury
5Potato 5Santa5Mongrel 5Martian
6Opal 6Fairy6Kitten 6Elite
8Softie 8Warrior8Feline8Eclair
9Idealist 9Jester9Canine9Croissant
11Sirius 11Scribe11Lynx 11Reflection

Final Word

There you have it, hopefully, you’ve got your perfect aesthetic username ready now for all your online needs.

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