Blizzard scraps Overwatch 2 PvE

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Overwatch 2 was released with the promise of brand-new content, and although news of Overwatch’s imminent replacement was met with uncertainty, with the promise of brand-new story-driven PvE being the only thing people were somewhat excited for. However – and perhaps we all should have seen it coming – Blizzard announced that they’re scrapping the Overwatch 2 PvE and instead focusing solely on the live PvP game.

What was lost in Overwatch

Prior to the announcement of Overwatch 2, the original game was seeing a decrease in popularity. Mostly due to stagnation, with most other competing games – Overwatch was slow when it came to the addition of new maps or characters. Furthermore, many players were growing increasingly frustrated at character balance. With many saying a game like Overwatch (with a prolonged respawn time) should not have characters that could one-shot them. Equally, there were many characters who saw little to no attention from developers and were considerably weaker than others.

And yet, we didn’t quite know what we lost until it was gone.

The ‘New’ Features of Overwatch 2

The brand new features of Overwatch 2 were advertised as game-changing and necessary. However, a number of features weren’t necessarily added to the game but rather removed.

  • The medal system
  • Teams of six reduced to five
  • The ‘on fire’ system
  • Showing grouped players
  • Lootboxes were removed in favour of a battle pass.

Overall, there were less additions and rather more substractions to the game’s general presence. But perhaps the worst part of all this? Players who had originally paid the full retail price for Overwatch saw nothing but a pat on the back and the first battle pass for free when Overwatch 2 was announced as free-to-play. Where some people had paid $60 for a game were now being compensated with a $9 battle pass and a plethora of features being removed from the game.

Light at the end of the Overwatch Tunnel

All these things aside, the one thing that kept fans going – the one thing that had people willing to give Blizzard a chance was the promise of PvE. Many fans of the game adore the world and the characters, they wanted to experience them in a more narrative-driven setting, and the release of a gameplay trailer showcasing just that and a live Demo at Blizzcon 2019, it was enough to spark hope.

PvE promised co-op gameplay, cutscenes, character interactions and even branching abilities varying between characters. Being able to customize character abilities and level them up, there was hope once again that Overwatch 2 wouldn’t just be a repeat of the first.

Overwatch 2 without the 2

So, what now? Well, Overwatch 2 is just going to be Overwatch 1 without some of the fan-favorite features. Teams will remain at 5v5, the leaderboard will replace the medals and the battlepass and shop will continue to milk your wallets dry.

Because of all this, many Overwatch fans and streamers alike have expressed their disdain for this choice, and even more have said they don’t intend on playing the game anymore.

It’s a shame, overall. But not all that surprising coming from Activision.

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