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CAMM2 DDR5 Desktop RAM: Everything We Know

When can we expect this revolutionary RAM?

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Computex 2024 has been a busy period for many companies, perhaps none more than MSI. Alongside the new MSI Claw upgrades, the company is also first in the running to use the new CAMM2 Desktop RAM in their new motherboards. The new slimmer and faster RAM units from Kingston and GEIL are set to be a game-changer for desktops, but we’re yet to hear of a concrete CAMM2 release date.

We’ve compiled everything we know about CAMM2 at present, including known specs and a possible release date window. As PC technology ramps up faster and faster with each passing year, this new RAM iteration is shaping up to set the new standard for motherboard designs.

Source: MSI

CAMM2 Desktop RAM Release Date Window

Though there are no concrete details on when CAMM2 will be in the laps of consumers, we do have some interesting leads on a release date window. In December 2023, microelectronics supplier JEDEC published the first designs of Compression Attached Memory Modules (CAMM2). Versatility and future-proofing were the key considerations, with JEDEC’s Chairman Mian Quddus saying:

“The development of JEDEC CAMM2 exemplifies JEDEC’s commitment to serving the industry with innovative standards. CAMM2 is versatile across various use cases and is designed with future scalability in mind.”

Source: Mian Quddus, JEDEC

Fast-forward to June 2024, where both MSI and ASUS displayed new compatible motherboards at Computex – meaning that manufacturers are giving the technology to developers. Some upcoming laptops are expected to employ GEIL’s LPCAMM2 in their designs. Kingston, meanwhile, hasn’t confirmed anything regarding release dates, but they hope to ship the new RAM before the end of 2024.

With this in mind, we’re predicting that CAMM2 RAM and compatible motherboards from MSI and ASUS will all release within 2-3 months, between August and September 2024. As we’ve detailed below, this would be the first wave of CAMM2 products, with more to come over the following months. Given the innovation that CAMM2 promises, adoption of the new design could be rapid – and manufacturers will want to prepare their production pipelines.

CAMM2 Desktop RAM Specifications

Like with the release, developers are keeping quiet about the general specifications of CAMM2, but the key takeaways highlight the benefits of this new RAM format. Here’s what we know:


The primary draw of CAMM2 is the form factor: the new RAM module is far smaller. This means that you no longer have to compromise between improved RAM or other PC features such as CPU coolers. CAMM2 is also 57% thinner than SO-DIMM modules. And the icing on the cake? Only one CAMM2 stick is needed for dual-channel memory, further improving speeds to your CPU.


CAMM2 runs on the exceptionally fast DDR5-5600, with memory capacities starting at 32GB and 64GB. Plans are to release 128GB and 256GB units in the future – though there is no concrete release date for the base modules, so we don’t know when that could be. What’s more, CAMM2 not only supports DDR5, but LPDDR5 – again positing that this RAM structure will be ideal for laptops. Though none of the LPDDR5 variants were shown off at Computex, the possibilities intrigue us.


Both ASUS and MSI’s new motherboards were displayed at Kingston’s Formula 1-themed Computex display, with the latter showing off their new “Project Zero” Z790 board. The connectors keep the form factor of the board confined, furthering CAMM2’s appeal as a smaller RAM module. ASUS, meanwhile, demonstrated their Lengshuikeng motherboard. This was reportedly similar to the ASUS ROG Maximus Hero: another Z790 board. As this motherboard structure is primarily for high-end PCs, we’re concerned as to whether lower-end boards will be able to employ CAMM2.

In Summary

Though a CAMM2 release date is to be announced, we’re expecting more word on this high-end RAM guideline soon. Though it will primarily be the domain of high-end PCs and laptops in its infancy, we’re confident that CAMM2 will set a new precedent for compact yet capable memory.

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