CS2 Viewmodel commands

CS2 viewmodel commands: change your viewmodel FOV & more

If you are looking to tailor your Counter Strike 2 viewmodel, you have come to the right place

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CS2 is now out in the wild but there are certain features from CSGO that are yet to make an appearance. Commands such as cl_righthand are not currently in CS2, meaning everyone is stuck as a right-handed player, for now. that said, there are still a handful of tweaks you can make to the CS2 viewmodel commands within Valves set limits.

CS2 viewmodel commands: what can you change?

If you are new to Counter Strike and/or the commands that come with it, you can do this by opening console. The console opens via the tilde key and is required to enter the following commands. If the tilde key is doing nothing when pressed, you need to head into your settings, go to Keyboard / Mouse, then click on UI Keys and turn console on.

In terms of viewmodel commands, there aren’t that many:

  • viewmodel_fov X – X can be any value between 54 and 68, we reccomend going for the highest option.
  • viewmodel_offset_x X – X can be any value between -2.5 and 2.5, we reccomend 2.5.
  • viewmodel_offset_y X – X can be any value between -2.0 and 2.0, we reccomend 2.0.
  • viewmodel_offset_z X – X can be any value between -2.0 and 2.0, we reccomend -2.0.

Play around with the settings above to see what you prefer

Can you play left hand(cl_righthand 0) in CS2?

As it stands, the command to switch to left handed is not currently in CS2. This isn’t a huge issue but there are many players who prefer this configuration, along with a few lunatics that have right and left bound to change while strafing. While unknown, it is possible we will eventually see this viewmodel command make a return.

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