How to download Starfield DLSS mod how to install Starfield DLSS mod

How to download and install Starfield DLSS mod

Modders have already released DLSS mods for Starfield mods

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Starfield is set to release for the masses (including Game Pass subscribers) on the 6th of September, however, early access is already underway. Early access was granted to those who pre-ordered the various versions, including the Premium Edition. One of the main concerns over the game was its official partnership with AMD, meaning gamers with Nvidia cards may have to wait a little longer for driver support. This can be quite irritating as we all obviously want the very best performance for our setup, regardless if it’s a beast PC or a budget system.

So if you thought you were stuck with FSR, stay tuned, you can grab an upscaler mod now over at Nexusmods, giving you DLSS 2 or XeSS, which should tie you over until DLSS 3 support arrives. We show you where to download and how to install, so you can start exploring the galaxy without “spectral anomalies”.

How to download Starfield DLSS mod

Nexus Mods are well known in the modding community for the likes of Skyrim and Witcher 3 mods and they have already got upscaler mods live. PureDark, a well-known modder, was first to the table with Starfield DLSS 2 support and it is free! There is currently no DLSS 3, however, we expect to see this coming in the near future.

To get started, download the Starfield DLSS 2 mod here.

The mod features a Reshade mode, which can make installation slightly more fiddly or interfere with some menu overlays.

How to install Starfield DLSS mod

Once downloaded you need to unpack the mod and copy everything into the root Starfield installation folder. this adds a mod folder. Next, you will need to download and install the Upscaler Base Plugin and add it to the PDPerfplugin.dll into mods/UpscalerBasePlugin folder.

If the above fails, place the dlls the same folder as Starfield.exe.

To access the upscaler in-game, press the END key and then select DLSS or XeSS. You then need to turn on FSR2 (the mod replaces FSR2 with DLSS/XeSS).

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