How to Open Treasure Vaults in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Open Treasure Vaults in Hogwarts Legacy

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All throughout Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll see a number of treasure vaults marked across your map. Some of these vaults might be as simple as just entering and then finding the chest awaiting you. Others, however, are a little trickier to enter.

Treasure Vault Openings

A number of vaults need to be opened in specific ways, but once you know what you’re looking for – it’ll be easy.

  • Lighting torches: If you see torches in the area and some or all of them aren’t lit, then you’ll likely want to light them all to make a treasure reachable.
  • Whirlpool diving: Swim to this swirling water and then press the proper button to dive into a new location. A treasure chest will be waiting nearby. 
  • Burning spiderwebs: Some caverns simply have spiderwebs standing in your path. Burn them and get rid of them with either Incendio or Confrigo.
  • Spell cubes: Locate a cube with a spell symbol on it and use Wingardium Leviosa to take it to a pedestal with a matching symbol. Then perform the spell on the cube that the symbol indicates (usually Levioso or Incendio). A hidden passage will open somewhere nearby. Enter it to find your treasure. Cubes are never too far from the platforms. 
  • Demolish entrance: You’ll find a doorway or opening that is filled with rocks and debris. Use Confrigo to blast the rubble away and then enter the cave behind it to get your treasure. 
  • Boarded-up entrance: Wood has been nailed together over a mine or cavern. Blast it apart
  • Puzzle cube: Use Wingardium Leviosa to arrange cubes in a way that matches a pattern. 
  • Unlocking a door: Some treasure vaults are hidden behind a simple Alohomora spell. But you might need to upgrade Alohomora to Level 2 or Level 3 to open some of these. 
  • Defeat all enemies: Inferi might spring up from the ground and you’ll need to defeat them before the treasure chest can show up. Remember they must be hit with a fire spell first in order for them to take any damage. 
  • Pushing or pulling handles: Sometimes in an area, you’ll see an object or item with a handle on it. Use Accio or Depulso to interact with it and it will unlock a way to lead to the treasure. 

These treasure vaults will be important to fully complete your game, if you’re a completionist! Some of the treasure vaults are a little trickier than others, but as long as you have access to all the basic spells – you should be able to sail on through, as long as you’re patient and a bit clever!

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