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Is Payday 3 crossplay? Yes, crossplay is supported on all platforms

Payday 3 is cross platform and most importantly, crossplay, so you can enjoy with friends no matter your chosen platform

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The sequel many have been waiting for – Payday 3 – is finally here, with the open beta set to begin today. In case you miss the technical test or are just curious prior to release, yes Payday 3 is crossplay. This cross-platform game will support this feature and allow you to play with all your friends, no matter if they are on a console or PC.

Is Payday 3 crossplay?

While Payday 2 was a cross platform game, it did not support crossplay. the polularity was off the charts and it is great to see developers address the elephant in the room bringing in crossplay support for Payday 3.

Payday 3 is available on on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, with cross-progression support too. This means you can heist from your preferred platform whenever you like. The technical test is limited to Xbox and PC players at this time, however.

We are unsure if the open beta also features crossplay support at the time of writing this but we expect it to feature as developers want to try and stress the servers as much as possible over the playable weekend. While crossplay doesn’t necessarily matter for stress testing, it would encourage more players to get involved as they could play with friends without issue.

Players will need an online connection to play Payday 3, something that wasn’t the case in the second game. The new game was built for online play and it means the game can evolve without the need for massive updates.

In summary

Yes, Payday 3 is crossplay-supported as it should be. This is the perfect type of game to have this feature and we cannot wait to start playing.

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