Is the Samsung S95B worth it? The latest QD-OLED TV

Is the Samsung QD-OLED TV worth your cash?

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The Samsung S95B is a high-end 4K television that uses Samsung’s cutting-edge Quantum-Dot OLED technology.

When this new technology made headlines, it piqued the interest of tech enthusiasts across the web. This TV was released in April 2022 as Samsung’s first QD-OLED TV and quickly became one of the best TV’s of 2022.

OLED TVs offer a significant improvement over ordinary LED TVs, and the new QD technology improves on that. Colors that are enhanced, bright, and vivid make everything on the screen appear alive and real.

This TV brightens the future of OLED TVs, and we’ll show you some of the best things it has to offer.

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Is the Samsung S95B still worth it?

Samsung S95B was released a little less than a year ago, and it was very exciting news worldwide.

Utilizing the brand-new Quantum-Dot technology makes everything much brighter on the screen and it offers a wide range of colors that results in the picture being vivid and alive.

The HDR experience is absolutely superb thanks to a high peak brightness which also doubles down to make watching movies in a dark room just as exceptional.

It also has a very wide viewing angle – making sure you can enjoy watching your favorite content from any angle. And it’s a 4K screen with an incredible level of detail, what’s not to love about it?

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Samsung S95B: Key Features

The key feature of the Samsung S95B is, of course, its QD-OLED panel technology. Thanks to the 4K resolution, you can enjoy an incredible level of detail never possible with older televisions.

It has excellent color accuracy thanks to Samsung’s groundbreaking new Quantum-Dot technology which vastly improved OLED televisions. OLED is already a massive improvement to traditional LED screens, but this technology just made it even better.

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This TV is excellent for watching HDR movies in a dark room due to the nearly-infinite contrast ratio which causes perfect black color. The screen has a perfect brightness level and on top of that, exceptional color gamut and color volume make everything appear neat and natural.

The S95B is also great for HDR gaming, it delivers exceptional gaming performance thanks to the combination of low input lag and nearly-instantaneous response time.

It comes with Samsung’s Tizen OS, pre-installed with your favorite streaming apps and games.

Samsung S95B: Conclusion

Overall, the Samsung S95B is a well-deserved candidate to be Samsung’s flagship 4K QD-OLED television. It’s a high-end television that can be used for just about anything, whether you want to catch your favorite sports event or the newest action movie. You can also use it for gaming as it comes with AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync support.

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