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If you’re a completionist, you’ll need our LEGO 2K Drive Trophy Guide, whether you’re playing for trophies or achievements, you’re going to need some guidance in order to unlock them all and get that 100%.

There is a grand total of 39 trophies, each divided into four tiers: bronze, silver, gold, and Platinum.  Here is the full list of all the Lego 2K Drive Trophies.

LEGO 2K Drive Bronze Trophy 

  1. A Charismatic Mentor: Receive your first Checkered Flag in Story mode
  2. Cruising Big Butte County: Drive around in Big Butte County in Story mode
  3. Cruising Prospecto Valley: Drive around in Prospecto Valley in Story mode
  4. Cruising Hauntsborough: Drive around in Hauntsborough in Story mode
  5. New Challengers: Play 10 races or mini-games in Play With Everyone
  6. 3K Drive: Drive 3000 miles (4828 Km)
  7. Hop Upington: Jump 100 times
  8. Just the Start: Collect 50 new vehicles
  9. The Pit Crew: Collect 15 new drivers
  10. Brick Separator: Destroy 1000 objects
  11. Road Hog: Destroy 200 traffic vehicles
  12. It Used to Work: Wreck 100 times
  13. Sidewalk Hog: Punt 200 pedestrians into the air
  14. Big Butte Champion: Beat the But Butte Grand Brick Arena race in Story mode
  15. Prospecto Champion: Beat the Prospecto Valley Grand Brick Arena race in Stoty mode
  16. What’s This Button Do?: Use every type of power-up at least once
  17. Heat Seeker: Hit opponents with missiles 15 times
  18. Free Banana Smoothies: Discover all the Garages in the world in Story mode
  19. Read the Manual: Complete all chapters of the Go-Kart tutorial in the Garage
  20. Honk Means Hello: Talk to 150 folk
  21. Hauntsborough Champion: Beat the Hauntsborough Grand Brick Arena race in Story mode
  22. Couldn’t Have Drifted Better Myself: Drift 5000 meters

LEGO 2K Drive Silver Trophy

  1. Missile Misser: Avoid 50 missiles by jumping over them in races
  2. All Perked Up: Collect 10 perks
  3. Jet-Setter: Find all the jetpacks in the Big Butte County in Story mode
  4. Rotor-Coaster: Find all the rotorpacks in Prospecto Valley in Story mode
  5. Bat-Buds: Find all the batpacks in Hauntsborough in Story mode
  6. Roadshow Ready: Find all the Collectibles in Big Butte County
  7. Township Treasurer: Find all the Collectibles in Prospecto Valley
  8. Paranormal Procurer: Find all the Collectibles in Hauntsborough
  9. The Golden Ending: Earn a Gold Medal in every On-the-Go event in the world
  10. 6K Drive: Drive 6000 miles (9656 Km)
  11. You BREAK Stuff!: Destroy 15000 objects
  12. XPerienced: Get to Level 30 in Story mode

LEGO 2K Drive Gold Trophy 

  1. Sky Cup Champion: Beat the Sky Cup Grand Prix race in Story mode
  2. Higher Orbit: Spin 1080 degrees in the air without using a jetpack
  3. Crystal Clear: Mow down all weed patches in the world in Story mode
  4. Folk Hero: Complete all quests in the world in Story mode

LEGO 2K Drive Platinum Trophy

  1. Tastes Like Platinum: Earn all trophies in the game

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