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All the latest news and updates surrounding the LG C3 OLED TV

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LG kickstarted this year’s CES 2023 with a bang, announcing a slew of high-performance OLED TVs that included the hugely anticipated LG C3 OLED TV.

While only touched upon during the LG CES keynote, the LG C3 looks set to be another huge hit amongst fans of OLED technology.

Amongst news features that include a new Alpha a9 Gen 6 processor and WebOS23 smart platform, the LG C3 also vows to resolve some of the brightness issues we saw in the LG C2 and C1 models.

According to sources, these new additions will help refine the brand’s already impressive C2 – offering a higher peak brightness that should make for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

We’ll be keeping this guide up to date with all the latest news and announcements surrounding the LG C3 – including release date and price updates when they’re unveiled.

(Image source: LG C3)

LG C3 expected release date

Sadly, most of the breaking news that landed during the brand’s CES Keynote was geared around the latest LG M3 signature OLED – the first (sorry Displace) wireless OLED TV on the market.

As far as the LG C3 release date is concerned, we can only speculate a Q2 launch – based heavily on last year’s C2 release date.

That said, news on potential release dates will likely surface in the coming weeks – meaning we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

LG C3 size guide

There were no concrete details regarding what sizes would be available upon launch, however, best guesses would lean strongly toward 55-inch, 65-inch, 77-inch, 83-inch, and 48-inch variants.

While the LG 42-inch C2 was a hit with fans, it isn’t confirmed whether or not this model will launch when the C3 finally drops.

LG C3 potential price

Pricing is a huge a factor when it comes to any TV set – and the LG C3 is absolutely no different.

In fact, spending 5 minutes on any tech forum will likely result in a number posts discussing this matter.

Again, no news on pricing is available at present, however, if last year’s C2 launch is anything to go by, we will likely see the C3 model start at around €1,650.

Last year’s pricing will be listed below

LG C2 42″£1,299 (Currys)1,650NEW
LG C2 48″£1,400 (approx)1,8001,650
LG C2 55″£1,899 (approx)2,300€2,000
LG C2 65″£2,649 (approx)3,200€2,800
LG C2 77″£4,499 (approx)5,400€5,300
LG C2 83″£6,249 (approx)7,500€8,000

LG C3 design

As you can imagine, the LG C3 OLED TV will retain the same sleek, stylish design found in its C2 predecessor.

Like all OLEDs, the C3 will feature an incredibly thin side profile that is characterized by thin bezels and premium build materials. The back of the TV bulges out slightly, however, to allow you to insert various devices into it.

Unlike the new LG G3, the C3 will not feature a wireless design, nor will it feature an ATSC 3.0 tuner – a feature reserved for the more premium G3 and Z3 models.

Is the LG C3 worth it?

We don’t have a tonne of information surrounding the new LG C3 – especially when it comes to release, price.

That being said, we do know plenty about its specifications – allowing us to make an educated guess on whether the LG C3 is actually worth your cash.

With that in mind, it’s hard to say. From what we’ve seen so far, there aren’t a great deal of additional features that separate the LG C3 vs from C2.

It uses a similar EVO OLED Panel, doesn’t offer any real improvements in brightness, and continues to look prety similar to past models.

That being said, LG states that the C3 will feature a new Alpha A9 Gen 6 processor – which, from an image processing standpoint, could offer decent improvements in image handling and processing.

All being said, we’ll have to see how much the LG C3 retails for to answer this question properly.

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