LG C4 OLED TV release date

LG C4 OLED TV release date window

The LG C4 will turn up eventually but will we see a good enough reason to upgrade?

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We have been huge fans of the C-series since the LG C1. The C-series has been well-reviewed and heavily recommended for years, so there is a bit of anticipation behind the newly announced LG C4 OLED TV release. The LG C1 was a magnificent OLED TV, as is the C2, and C3. The C-series is getting better and better in small increments every time, although, it is never really worth upgrading from one to the next. The major changes from the C1 to C2 were a higher peak brightness and a faster operating system. The introduction of the Evo panel was also the first significant improvement in LG OLED TVs, bringing better burn-in resistance along with it.

Jumping from the LG C2 to the C3 came with far fewer reasons to upgrade and the running theme with these TVs has always been to find the best deal. The C3 is the new standard, however, if you can find a C2 on a clearance sale, it is still well worth your money. The release date looks set for March, with LG C4 pre orders now live.

LG C4 release date window

LG C4 orders are now live, running until the 17th of March. When pre orders went live on Amazon US we saw a glimpse of an 11th of March release date, which has since gone. Regardless, the C-series could potentially start shipping out towards the end of March.

As many know, LG OLED TVs are an ever-evolving product. The LG C1 first emerged on the scene back in 2021, following on from the popular CX. Surprisingly, there has been a new iteration every year since, with the C2 hitting shelves in 2022, and the C3 most recently in 2023.

LG C4 OLED TV specs & improvements

We expected to see improved brightness once again with the C4, something that has been improving from one model to the next already, and that looks to be the case. LG confirmed higher brightness for the C4, along with new gaming features, and processor improvements (Alpha 9).

The chip improvements will not only be responsible for better general performance but also the increase in brightness when compared to the C3. The C4 will also support some AI features from more premium lines (Picture Pro/ Sound Pro). The C4 will support lossless audio, 4K 144Hz refresh rate, and Freesync/ G-sync.

The LG C-series is often renowned for its gaming prowess, offering a 120Hz refresh rate and a near-instantaneous response time. While console players aren’t going to be able to take advantage of the new refresh rate, at 144Hz this could be another fantastic selling point for those with insanely good gaming PCs.

The new LG C4 range will feature sizes between 42 and 83 inches – leaving the likes of 97″ wall-sized TVs to the G and M series.

OLED TV lifespan is frequently questioned and worried about. Of course, there are methods to prolong your OLED TV and avoid these dangers but we feel better burn-in prevention would be a huge asset to any future OLED TV launches. It would be great to understand more about how LG plans to tackle such issues when they appear at CES in the coming weeks.

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