Madden NFL 24 superstar mode: everything we know

Superstar mode is back baby!

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It’s back! Superstar mode is returning in Madden NFL 24. Everyone’s talking about Madden NFL 24 and with its full release not too far off on August 18th it’s time to take a closer look at what this mode will be bringing to players come the games launch!

If you’re a long time player of the Madden NFL series you might be delighted to find out that there seems to be a return to the team based superstar mode of old.

Lets dive in and take a look at exactly what we know so far.

Madden NFL 24 superstar mode

This is what we know so far about the mode from one of EA’s recent blog posts:

Superstar: The League

Achieve greatness in your NFL career with game-changing control thanks to FieldSENSE. Customize your avatar and build your legacy, progressing from the combine to draft pick to 99 OVR. Navigate all-new mini games and live player grading across a variety of positions.

Superstar: Showdown

Show off and show out in this all-new atmosphere. Progress your avatar and play with and against friends in 3v3 matchups. Call your plays on the fly like a dominant superstar, get real-time player grading, and do it in style sporting the hottest gear in the game.

These modes will only be available to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC gamers. The implication is that these two modes will replace the Face of the Franchise and The Yard modes which are only available on PS4 and Xbox one. Given that those modes are fairly similar to the new superstar modes this doesn’t particularly come as a surprise.

As we move closer to the game’s release we’ll hopefully get some more information on how these modes are going to work and perhaps even some gameplay! We know many fans will be glad to see the return of superstar mode but that’s not all we have to look forward to.

Superstar mode is just one of many ways you’ll be able to platy Madden NFL 24 including franchise mode, online multiplayer with all new cross platform play-ability.

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