Raspberry Pi 5 release window speculation, specs rumors & price prediction

Let’s take a look at what we know so far about the Raspberry Pi 5

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If you’re wondering about Raspberry Pi 5 release date then you’re in luck. On this page, we’ll be breaking down not only the anticipated release date of this exciting new bit of tech but also its potential specs and price.

The Raspberry Pi is an innovative single-board computer created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Its key strength is its small size and it has used to promote computer science education in schools and developing countries.

The Raspberry Pi has become a smash hit amongst hobbyists because of its scale and versatility.

Raspberry Pi 5 release window speculation

While we have no official release date for the Raspberry Pi 5, we have had a couple of clues that mean we can start to estimate a potential time frame for the release.

Looking back at the releases of previous Raspberry Pi models, we don’t see any sort of pattern emerge in terms of release dates. Even if there had been patterns in the past, the fact that so much time has passed since the release of the Raspberry Pi 4, means this would probably give us little help anyway.

We’re looking at a gap of at least four years since the release of the Raspberry Pi 4, which surely means the Raspberry Pi 5 release date is on the horizon. One of the factors that may well have delayed its release is the dip in demand that tech companies suffered from during the pandemic.

Unfortunately in a December 2022 interview, Eben Upton (the CEO of Raspberry Pi) stated that 2023 is “a recovery year” for their team because of the disruptions of the pandemic, and that we shouldn’t expect the Pi 5 during 2023. As this is such a reliable source, we wouldn’t expect this to change.

So, we’re still largely in the dark about the Raspberry Pi 5’s release window we speculate we could see it in 2024. The company is already talking about the product openly, so we’re hopeful that a release in the first quarter of next year might be on the cards but we can’t say anything for certain just yet.

Raspberry Pi 5 spec expectations

As we haven’t had any announcement regarding the specifications of the Raspberry Pi 5 yet, any predictions for its specs are purely speculative at this stage. That being said we can certainly make some educated guesses on this front.

Here’s a short breakdown of what we expect the Raspberry Pi 5 to deliver spec-wise:

  • Superior heatsinks/improved cooling power
  • HDMI 2.1 bandwidth support
  • A 2.0GHz processor
  • Internal storage capacity
  • Windows 11 support

One of the issues that many people encountered with the Raspberry Pi 4 was its tendency to get dangerously hot during normal usage. With that being the case we expect the Raspberry Pi 5 to have much improved cooling capabilities.

We could well see an upgrade in Bluetooth capabilities with the latest LTE standard being present. Also on the connectivity front we’re hoping to see the micro HDMI ports of its predecessors replaced with full-sized HDMI 2.1 ports on the Raspberry Pi 5.

It is highly likely that we’ll see an upgrade in processing power. The 8GB version of the Raspberry Pi 4 had a 1.8GHz processor so we reckon we could see a 2.0GHz when the Raspberry Pi 5 hits the shelves.

One limitation of previous models has been the lack of onboard storage. If we were to see this implemented, we could see a great improvement in terms of throughput speeds.

Lastly, we’re holding out hope for Windows support on the puppy. we know that Windows can indeed be installed on the Raspberry Pi 4 so there’s every chance we’ll see this again.

Just to reiterate, all of these features are purely speculative at this point and we’ll have to wait for official announcements to know for sure if the Raspberry Pi 5 will support any of them.

Raspberry Pi 5 price prediction

We haven’t really had any hint thus far with regard to the pricing of the Raspberry Pi 5. This makes any suggestion of price at this point just a prediction. We do expect to see several models being offered at price points varying from budget to higher end, with the main difference being their memory.

The Raspberry Pi desktop kit currently retails for $120 in the USA so we’d expect to see a bit of a price hike from this, especially given the scarcity and rising cost of materials. We could see the top end Raspberry Pi 5 models to retail for somewhere in the region of $160. The 1GB Raspberry Pi 4 currently retails for just $35 and we expect budget option of the 5 to be available upon its release. These again will probably be slightly more expensive than their predecessors.

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