Samsung Galaxy Ring Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Ring Release Date Speculation: What We Know

When is the new smart device in Samsung’s Galaxy range expected to hit shelves?

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It’s been six months since Samsung unveiled their new smart ring product, and the internet has been awash with Samsung Galaxy Ring release date rumors since. When can we expect this new addition to the Galaxy lineup, and what can we expect from it when it does arrive? With plenty of baseless speculation circulating, we’ve done our best to cut through the noise and break down the most feasible features and production predictions regarding the Galaxy Ring.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Potential Release Date Window

As mentioned, the Galaxy Ring was announced at January’s Galaxy Unpacked event – merely highlighting the Ring’s existence with a CGI model with no concrete specifications or release date. However, the next Unpacked is set for July 10th, when we are likely to get some more details on Samsung’s upcoming products, including the Ring.

One thing that may hamper a release date, however, is Samsung’s patent dispute with Oura: a Finnish tech company manufacturing smart rings of its own who are aggressively protecting its intellectual property. Though it may cause issues, the legal battle has unveiled some interesting details about the Galaxy Ring’s production which could hint at the release. Mass production was slated to start in mid-June – with the Galaxy Ring’s design only completed in the middle of May – which would suggest that the product’s rollout is imminent.

With this in mind, we’re predicting a Samsung Galaxy Ring release date landing in late August 2024. Samsung’s product turnarounds are generally quite fast, and there have already been several months since the product was unveiled – so all that’s left is for consumers to get this device wrapped around their fingers.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Specs & Features We’d Like to See

Though Samsung has kept quiet about the Galaxy Ring’s features, there are a few pointers as to what we can expect from the smart device. A deep-dive into the UI code in the latest Samsung Health App update has revealed compatibility for a number of core features.

Similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch range, the Ring will be able to track elements such as heart rate or blood pressure, along with recommending methods to keep them under control. Similarly, people can use the ring to track and predict periods or other physical symptoms. Like the Galaxy Watch, you can pair the Ring with your phone to track your snoring throughout the night.

That said, this code is ironically not guaranteed to be true-to-life, as some features may be dropped or rearranged in the final product. Especially given the difficulty acquiring the license for these trackers from the FDA, don’t be surprised if they don’t all make it to launch. From the hints we have, however, these seem to be the key features: effectively a condensed smartwatch you can wear on your finger rather than your whole wrist.

We imagine this ring will be available in different finishes and sizes, to suit different people – but whether they are adjustable or single-size is unknown. You’ll also need to pair the device with the Health app in order to make the most of the device, which limits functionality compared to the Galaxy Watch and its dedicated screen. But for those wanting to track their vitals whilst also having space for stylish wristwear, the Galaxy Ring provides a great alternative.

In Summary

Though a Galaxy Ring release date is yet to be confirmed, we’re hoping that we’ll hear more in the near future. With another Galaxy Unpacked event around the corner, we hope that this new smart device can truly rival its smartwatch counterparts.

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