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Sonos Arc 2 Speculation: Specs & Features We’d Like To See

When can we expect to get our hands on the Sonos Arc 2?

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Sonos is renowned as one of the best manufacturers of sound systems on the market, so it’s no surprise that speculation regarding the highly-anticipated Sonos Arc 2 release date is picking up traction online. Some of the best soundbars are Sonos-brand, and the original Arc is one of the bestselling units since its 2020 release. But as innovation in TV technology continues to press on, is the Arc due for an upgrade?

We’ve broken down all the current information regarding the Sonos Arc 2 release date and specs, along with some reasonable speculation as to what else the new soundbar could hold in store for customers. If you’re considering holding off on a different soundbar purchase to see whether the Arc 2 will be with you in time, then we’ve got the guide for you.

Possible Sonos Arc 2 Release Date Window

Sonos has remained silent on the possibility of a Sonos Arc 2, but there are signs that they are gearing up for a launch. A Bloomberg article published in November 2023 highlighted the company’s intended product releases for the upcoming years, and a soundbar going by the codename “Lasso” is mentioned. This unit is purported to have “better bass and improved audio quality over the existing Arc model” (Source: Bloomberg). The fact that the Arc is mentioned by name in comparison to this new model means that the Arc’s sequel is this “Lasso” model. But when can we expect a reveal?

Bloomberg’s article doesn’t highlight a specific release date, though the report focuses on explicitly upcoming projects rather than early-development products. Given Sonos’ general production pipeline, an announcement will likely be followed by an approximate 1-2 month wait to get your hands on the product. Having recently seen this with the new Sonos Ace, we can expect similar treatment from the Arc 2 – though the time may vary.

We predict that the Sonos Arc 2 could be announced in October 2024, with a production pipeline leading to a late November 2024 release window. However, this isn’t set in stone and could move forward or backward depending on other products in the Sonos lineup (such as the new subwoofer system, codenamed “Lotus” that the Bloomberg article mentions). If things change, we’ll be sure to reframe our predictions.

Sonos Arc 2 Specs Rumors & Expectations

Before we can speculate about the Sonos Arc 2 specs, it’s worth looking back at the original Sonos Arc for some insights.

Sonos Arc

Speaker type


Speaker configuration



HDMI input (ARC), optical digital audio to HDMI converter, Bluetooth, Ethernet port, 802.11b,g Wi-Fi, Apple AirPlay 2, IR receiver

Released in 2020, the Sonos Arc was – and still is – a brilliant soundbar. Employing a 5.0.2 configuration, the sound quality for home cinema was nearly unrivaled. With compatibility for additional subwoofers or surround-sound elements, professionals could upgrade to their hearts content, but most standard soundbar users found the native sound of the Arc to be flawless. Doubling as a Bluetooth speaker and boasting highly flexible technology, the Arc was a powerful addition to any home.

However, in the intervening years, sound innovation has continued – does the original Arc necessarily hold up? Especially given that there are plenty of budget soundbars on the market, what can the Arc 2 do to innovate at its price point?

Technology companies the likes of Sonos are always looking for means of supplementing their units with the latest innovations, often buying whole companies to apply their work to new models. In 2022, Sonos acquired Mayht Holding BV: a speaker manufacturer creating tinier speakers with equivalent performance to full-size systems (Source: Sonos). The acquisition seemed to be highly pertinent to Sonos’ development of new speakers, with CEO Patrick Spence saying:

“Mayht’s breakthrough in transducer technology will enable Sonos to take another leap forward in our product portfolio. This strategic acquisition gives us more incredible people, technology and intellectual property that will further distinguish the Sonos experience, enhance our competitive advantage, and accelerate our future roadmap.”

Source: Sonos

With that in mind, we’re expecting an exceptional size-to-sound ratio from the Sonos Arc 2: more speakers in a same-size (or smaller) housing. The original Arc is nearly 55″ in length, so downsizing the speakers and the housing would make a more welcome addition for those limited in space.

In terms of speaker configuration, the original Arc employs some virtual channels for its immersive soundscape: the 5.0.2 configuration is technically only a 3-channel system – though even the most keen listeners would struggle to tell. But with the Arc 2, we’re hoping for a truly complex sound configuration. Ideally, we’d like to see a 5.1.4 with a built-in subwoofer – though that may be difficult even with Mayht’s speakers. Without the subwoofer, the additional speakers should still provide some punchy bass.

Outside of the speaker performance itself, there are other features that could do with improving and refining on the Arc 2 for a 2024 audience. Given Sonos’ recent redesign of their smartphone app, we hope for more smartphone functionality to help configure our particular speaker setups. The ability to control the central channel’s volume independently would also be a useful feature – one sorely lacking on the Arc. Additionally, we’d be keen for the Arc 2 to go totally wireless – though this may come at the cost of a consistent connection, so it’s far from a priority.

One element that does worry us is the apparent price of the Sonos Arc 2, with the Bloomberg report claiming a cost “around $1,200” (Source: Bloomberg). At nearly double the cost of the original Arc, the Arc 2 will need to deliver on its promise of premium-quality sound for a next-generation home theater experience.


What are the channels on a soundbar for?

The number of channels represents the number of directional speakers the soundbar has. A 5.1 soundbar has 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer, whilst a 3.0 soundbar has 3 speakers and no subwoofer. The more speakers and different channels, the more immersive the soundscape.

Is the Sonos Arc worth it in 2024?

Depending on your preferences, the Sonos Arc may still be worth investing in in 2024. With its impressive soundscape and high-quality build, this unit remains an impressive benchmark for Sonos’ capabilities. However, the premium price tag and the rumored upcoming release of an Arc 2 may encourage you to hold off on purchasing just yet.

In Summary

Though there is yet to be a concrete Sonos Arc 2 release date, we’re confident in saying that it’s on the horizon. Given the known existence of this soundbar, we’re eager to get our hands on it and put it through its paces, and see if the rumored price is worth paying.

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