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Star Wars Jedi Survivor planet list – so far

Star Wars Jedi Survivor features many planets to explore

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With Star Wars Jedi Survivor releasing, you might be keen to know which planets will you be able to visit, if you’ll be able to see some staples of the Star Wars franchise, or some new content unique to the game. Here we’ll list out the various planets you will be sure to find as well as some we theorize will make an appearance.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Planet List

There are only two planets that we have found in Jedi Survivor. These planets have played a big role in the promotional material for the game leading up to its release.


Koboh is the main hub of the game, it is here you will come back to and interact with NPCs and vendors. You will need to return here often to upgrade your gear, get new materials, and progress the story.


A staple to the Star Wars franchise, Coruscant was home to the old republic before it fell during Order 66. Now ruled by the Galactic Empire, this planet is dangerous and somewhere to be cautious of.


Jedha is a frigid, desert moon that experiences permanent winter – and to fans, you might recognise it as the hole of the Holy City featured in the Rogue One film. Due to an asteroid crash centuries ago, Jedha is now a major source of kyber crystals (necessary for creating lightsabers). Aside from being the home of the world’s first Force-using civilization, it has several ruined Jedi temples you can explore in the game.

Shattered Moon (Moon of Koboh)

Koboh’s moon houses an old High Republic tech facility with a lot of important story events taking place here.


Supposedly a safe haven for the Jedi and the main objective of the Cal’s adventure.

Nova Garon

So far, a mystery.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Possible Returning Planets

Seeing as Survivor is a sequel, it’s more than likely we’ll be seeing some planets that were featured in Fallen Order. The planets in question are:


This planet plays a large part in the first game, and considering Merrin’s appearence in the trailers, it’s possible to assume that Dathomir will be joining him.


Of great significance to the Jedi, Ilum could provide more story-driven content for the overall game.

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