Total War Pharaoh release date window & price

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Total War: Pharaoh, the highly anticipated strategy game from Creative Assembly, takes players back to ancient Egypt to experience the grandeur and challenges of ruling as a pharaoh. In this article, we’ll explore the release date window and pricing details, offering gamers a glimpse into when they can embark on their journey to build an empire along the Nile.

Total War Pharoah release date window

While the exact release date for Total War: Pharaoh has not been officially announced by Creative Assembly, its Steam page shows October 2023. As the development progresses, further updates and announcements from the developers will provide a clearer picture of the game’s release date, allowing eager players to mark their calendars.

Total War Pharaoh Price

Regarding the pricing of Total War: Pharaoh, it’s essential to consider the standard pricing conventions for similar games in the Total War series. Based on its Steam page, the base game is £50 / $60. It is worth noting that pricing may vary depending on the edition of the game, with special editions or bundles potentially coming at different prices, each noted below:

  • Base game: £50 | $60
  • Deluxe Edition: £60 | $70
  • Dynasty Edition: £80 | $90

In anticipation of the game’s release, there are a number of special editions for Total War: Pharaoh, providing each with exclusive benefits or bonuses. It is advisable for enthusiasts to keep an eye on official announcements and trusted gaming retailers for any pre-order offers or special edition details. By securing a pre-order, players can ensure they have the game ready to go as soon as it becomes available as well as any of the special features and boons accompanying.

Final Word

Total War: Pharaoh promises to immerse players in the captivating world of ancient Egypt, offering strategic challenges and breathtaking visuals. While the exact release date window and pricing details are yet to be revealed, enthusiasts can look forward to further announcements from Creative Assembly, building anticipation for this highly awaited addition to the Total War series.

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