VAC in CS2 will now end the game when a cheater is found

How is VAC changing in CS2?

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With the Counter-Strike 2 beta in full swing and Valve has recently released an update which included changes to the way VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) deals with in game cheaters. VAC has long been a talking point among CS players who’s desire for a robust anti-cheat system has gradually pushed Valve to improve their system. This new update means that if VAC finds a cheater in CS2, that game will automatically be terminated. This will prevent any team that had a cheater from profiting unduly from the advantage this would give them.

VAC in Counter-Strike 2: how has it changed?

Valve Anti-Cheat has been a mainstay of Valve games for some years now having featured in the likes of TF2, CS:GO, and now Counter Strike 2.

VAC has been criticized for various reasons over the years but it has undoubtedly been vital in keeping games like CS:GO going by ridding the game of thousands of cheaters. That said Valve still has to update the software regularly to combat new ways cheaters attempt to get around it.

Valve naturally keep their card fairly close to their chest when it comes to the implementation of VAC in CS2 however in a recent blog post they did reveal some new features.

With this recent update in place, if a cheater is found, VAC will now terminate the game at the end of the current round unless it’s the last round of the game and the cheater’s team is losing.

You’ll be glad to know that games which have included a cheater will not effect any of the players’ skill groups so won’t count as a win or a loss against your current rank. Additionally, the players on the opposing side to the cheater will earn XP as from the match.

These updates should really help to combat cheaters as there is really no incentive for playing with a cheater now as you’ll gain no benefit whatsoever.

Will these changes stop cheaters in CS2?

We certainly hope so! The fact that Valve are doing everything they can to discourage players from even joining a lobby with a cheater should mean that there’s just as much animosity towards a cheater from their own team as from the opposition, something which has not always been the case.

That said, the unfortunate reality is that people will always be trying to come up with new and ever sneakier ways go get around anti-cheat software. With any luck though VAC’s robust implementation into CS2 should stem the tide of the cheaters and mean you can just get on with enjoying the game!

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