Valorant to CS2 Sens Converter

Valorant to CS2 Sens Converter

How to convert your Valorant sens settings to CS2

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Nowadays, you won’t find more popular FPS games than CS:GO and Valorant, whilst Overwatch may once have been up there, the plethora of issues associated with that game leads most FPS players to go to the two aforementioned games instead. And now that CS2 is coming out soon, it’ll be no surprise if people opt to play the new release for some time.

But with any FPS, your mouse sensitivity can make all the difference in gameplay. And more than likely, your mouse sensitivity will not be the same as your Valorant one. So, to translate across that perfect sensitivity requires some finesse. Thankfully, there’s a number of options at your disposal.

Converting Valorant Sens to CS2

Thanks to the wonders of mathematics, you can work out the conversion pretty easily. Something to remember is that Valorant’s sensitivity – in relation to CS2 – needs to be multiplied by 3.18. This means you’ll have the exact precise same sensitivity across both games.

(Valorant Sensitivity x 3.18 = CS:GO Sensitivity)

Equally, this works in the opposite sense too. If you want to convert your CS2 sensitivity to Valorant, you need only divide these numbers instead.

(CS:GO Sensitivity ÷ 3.18 = Valorant Sensitivity)

Sensitivity Conversion Sites

To no surprise, there’s a plethora of websites that can also offer the same principle. Allowing you to convert and calculate your mouse sensitivity to change across a number of games.

With all these tools at your disposal, you should be able to find the perfect conversion to bring to your gaming.

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