Best PSU Cable Mods: Find the Best Custom Cables for PC

Get your hands on the best PSU cables with our buyer’s guide!

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If you want to future-proof your custom PC, then the best PSU cable mods add an extra layer of longevity to your build. Even some of the best power supply units on the market cut costs when it comes to cable quality, which can lead to frustrating wear and tear over time. They can also be useful longer-length versions of your base PC cables, and can even keep to the aesthetic of more stylish PC builds. Regardless of your reasoning, if you’re looking to supplement your PC with the best custom PSU cables, you’ve come to the right place!

Please note that whilst these are the best power supply cables for general-purpose use (using the standard ATX, 4-pin, SATA and PCIe connections), it is essential that you check for yourself whether the custom PC cables you choose are compatible with your components. Some PSU manufacturers, such as Corsair, make PSUs with cable compatibility as standard; but many don’t – and an incorrect PC cable can seriously harm your PC components.

Best PSU Cables: CableMod Pro ModMesh C-Series Kit

CableMod Pro ModMesh C-Series Kit

Connector Type




  • Multiple Color Options
  • High-quality sleeves
  • Premium pricing

To check off longevity, quality and style in a convenient package, the ModMesh C-Series from CableMod are our favorites for the best PC cables. These cables suit almost any PC build and come in a range of colors, each with a premium finish! CableMod differentiates models between PSU brands to maximize compatibility – though as we say, always double-check! These custom PC cables are highly stylish and work fantastically with even the most robust PC builds! Though they cost around as much as a budget PSU, these cables are worth the expense for a stylish and sturdy set of the best power supply cables on the market!

Best Budget PSU Cables: Antec Power Supply Cable Kit

Antec Power Supply Cable Kit

Connector Type

6 Pin PCIe, 8 Pin PCIe, 4_plus_4_pin_eps, 24 Pin ATX

Compatible Devices

Personal Computer

  • Affordable
  • High quality
  • Rigid

For a cheaper set of PSU cables that still contain multitudes of value, the Antec Power Supply Cable Kit provides excellent custom PC cables that are perfect for any PC build! Though the range of colors is less than our top pick, there’s enough variety to keep us happy! They come with a 3-year warranty, adding to the value returned by their already low-value price. Though the cable quality is high, so is their rigidity: even the dedicated flexible package is still quite stiff. For some PC builders, that may still be a feature rather than a flaw, and we still highly rate the Power Supply Cable Kit for a great return on investment for your custom PC cables!

Best PSU Extension Cables: AsiaHorse 16AWG PSU Cables

AsiaHorse 16AWG PSU Cables

Connector Type

ATX/EPS/8-pin, PCI-E/6-pin, PCI-E

Compatible Devices

Personal Computer

  • Highly versatile
  • Affordable
  • Cable Combs included
  • Extension rather than replacement

On the other hand, if you want the most flexible options for a dextrous PC build, look no further than the Asiahorse 16AWG Cable. These are extensions to your preexisting PSU cables, rather than total replacements, to allow for greater versatility in your build if it was limited by your PSU’s original cable length. These custom PC cables also come with cable combs to make management much easier. Of course, as they are extensions instead of replacements, naturally they extend the length of your cables to a point that some may struggle with – particularly for SFX PC builds. That said, these are still the best PSU extension cables on the market!

CableMod vs AsiaHorse – Who Makes the Best PSU Cables?

As the rankings above demonstrate, we recommend CableMod as a manufacturer of custom PC cables. However, AsiaHorse is a well-regarded brand for a reason: they make similar-quality PSU cables and extensions at highly competitive prices, though their compatibility overall tends to be more difficult. For a premium option, we recommend CableMod – but for affordability we prefer AsiaHorse.

PC Cable Mods – What to Check

We’ve encouraged you to double-check that your custom cables for PC are the best fit for your build, but how do you do that? The average PSU comes with four cables, for connecting to the other primary PC components such as your GPU and motherboard. Depending on your model of PSU, these are where the issues can arise: custom PSU cables may not match the wattage demands or voltage of your components, leading to parts becoming overpowered and possibly breaking.

Thankfully, most manufacturers are very good at giving you options for checking compatibility, and most of the best PC cables are built to minimize these sorts of issues. That said, avoid ultra-low-budget options from third-party manufacturers wherever possible: trusted brands such as AsiaHorse, Kolink and – of course – CableMod are your most trustworthy options.


Can you mix PSU cables?

Whilst it is possible to mix PSU cables, be sure to thoroughly double-check beforehand: even identical PSU cables from the same manufacturers can have drastically different internal specifications.

Are PC Cable Mods worth it?

Yes: If you want to maximize the longevity and versatility of your PC build, custom PC cables add an extra level of customization to your PC build. Supplement your cables with stylish colors or simply make management that little bit easier with longer-length cables – there are very few drawbacks to using them!

In Summary

That concludes our ranking of the three best PSU cables! In the nebulous world of PC building, it’s hard to satisfy every individual need, but we hope this buyer’s guide managed to cover what you need!

If this is your first step into modifying your PC, why not upgrade your PSU to the latest and greatest in power supply options? We have some terrific guides on the best modules available, including PSUs as high-spec as 1600W – check them out today!

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