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Best PSU for RTX 3070 Ti in 2023

Get yourself the perfect power supply for the RTX 3070 Ti GPU

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When you’re building a PC or upgrading your rig, there’s one less-glamorous component that’s very easy to miss, yet it’s essential for the best performance.  A power supply unit is the component that gives power to every single component inside of your PC. While the RTX 3070 Ti doesn’t require loads of power, it is still important to find the best PSU for the job.

Nvidia recommends at least 650W for this GPU, but it’s always a good idea to have more power just in case you want to upgrade in the future. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best PSUs for the RTX 3070 Ti graphics card.

RTX 3070 Ti PSU requirements

The RTX 3070 Ti has a TDP or around 300W, which means you can probably power everything in your PC with a 650W PSU and still have some headroom. If you are on a tight budget then 650W is fine, however, if you can squeeze a 750W or 850W PSU into your build, it may be overkill, but it will be a better investment. PSUs last a long time, with lengthy warranties, so if you think you may upgrade your PC in the next decade, consider a more powerful PSU that fits that future.

Best PSU for RTX 3070 Ti: Corsair RM750X

Corsair RM750x

80+ Gold
  • High quality build
  • Reliable
  • Leaves headroom
  • Technically overkill for the RTX 3070 Ti

If you just want a PSU that can run your RTX 3070 Ti for years without an issue, Corsair’s RM750X should do the trick. However, if you are planning to upgrade in the future, you may want to consider the 850W below. This PSU is fully-modular and spares you the headache of managing cables. It comes with a 135 mm magnetic levitation bearing fan, which makes it very quiet.

Best future proof PSU for RTX 3070 Ti: MSI MPG A850G


850 W
80 Plus certification
Fully modular
ATX 3.0
  • Latest generation support
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Overkill for RTX 3070 Ti
  • Expensive

Another PSU that you might want to check out is the MSI MPG A850G. It has way to much power for the RTX 3070 Ti, however, this headroom leaves you space to upgrade GPUs in the future and this features the latest support for PCIE5 cards too. It comes with an 80 Plus Gold certification, it’s energy-efficient, and the the efficient cooling works a charm.

Best Budget PSU for RTX 3070 Ti: Corsair RM650X


80+ Gold
  • Sufficient power for RTX 3070 Ti
  • Affordable and reliable

This budget PSU is a favorite among PC builders, it’s very cheap, yet it’s high-end and it has enough power for your RTX 3070 Ti. It is the Corsair RM650X.

Final word

There are loads of PSUs on the market to choose from when looking to power your RTX 3070 Ti. It’s recommended to choose a reputable brand so that in case your PSU fails, you are protected by a warranty. Before deciding to buy a PSU, always make sure you get a unit that can account for every component’s power need.

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