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Nvidia RTX 50 series release date speculation & leaks

Let’s take a look at what we know so far about the possible Nvidia 5000 series

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We don’t yet have a RTX 50 series release date nor for that matter do we even know whether Nvidia’s next GPU will bear the 5000 series name. Despite that rumors abound concerning the potential specs, pricing, and release date. With Nvidia consistently delivering some of the best graphics cards on the market the prospect of an RTX 50 series of GPUs has many PC enthusiasts incredibly hyped. In this article we’ll go through everything we know about the Nvidia RTX 50 series.

The release of an Nvidia RTX 50 series of GPUs has the potential to take the PC world by storm, after all the current flagship – RTX 4090 graphics card has delivered unbelievable gains on previous generations. Such could become the gold standard for graphics cards when they eventually are released. It is difficult to say at this point how much of an improvement the 50 series could make upon its predecessors but we’re certain NVIDIA will want to outclass their closest competitors at AMD. Rumors are circling about the name ‘RTX 5080’ which would sit in line with Nvidia previous naming conventions. There is also talk of the new GPU being built on a consumer-focused version of Nvidia’s ‘Blackwell’ architecture.

Nvidia RTX 50 series release window rumors

Looking back at the previous architecture releases there are some conclusions to be drawn.

  • RTX 40 series – October 2022
  • RTX 30 series – September 2020
  • RTX 20 series – September 2018
  • GTX 10 series – June 2016

An official release date for Nvidia’s RTX 50 series is yet to surface and may still be some ways off considering how recently the RTX 40 series was launched. That said Nvidia has announced an intention to introduce a new graphics processing architecture every two years (reported by Seeking Alpha). That implies their current architecture Ada could be getting an update and successor in 2024.

If new GPUs were to arrive this year then we could expect a similar roll out to the 40 series. A flagship model would lead the charge towards the end of the year and then be followed by subsequent models in the following months. If that were the case then we could potentially be looking at seeing a new card as early as September. It is worth reiterating though that this is merely speculation.

Nvidia RTX 50 series spec expectations

There’s not a lot we know specification-wise about the RTX 50 series thus far but this is the direction we think they’ll go. It seems likely that Nvidia will aim to further develop their RT cores in order to achieve increased ray tracing performance as well as increase their CUDA core count. One of the rumors going round is that the 50 series will run on a form of Blackwell architecture. Nvidia will certainly want to assert their dominance over competitors AMD, especially with it rumored that AMD are working on the RDNA 4.

Advancements in DLSS seem to be on the horizon which could indicate that Nvidia will update the Tensor cores for improved AI processing in the 50 series. there are also rumors that the 50 series will incorporate a new SM structure, hyperspeed interlinks, and denoising the RT pipeline.

We also expect to see significant improvements in Ray Tracing over previous Nvidia GPU generations. This is, as with all things RTX 50 series, speculation but it would continue the trend of previous releases. It is also possible that we’ll see Nvidia move to cater more towards 8K gaming given that they seem to have cracked 4K ultra with the RTX 40 series.

RTX 50 series price prediction

It’s impossible to say exactly how much the RTX 50 series may cost upon release but many people are already making estimations. The cost of Nvidia’s RTX 40 series GPUs raised ire in many a gamer with accusations aimed at the company for taking advantage of the COVID related boom in gaming.

With that in mind it’s possible that Nvidia will take that backlash into account when deciding a pricing model for their 50 series. If they did so we might be looking at a more accessible entry level for the 50 series cards.

That assessment however may just be wishful thinking. The respective releases of the RTX 3090 and the RTX 4090 saw a price rise of $100. The RTX 3090 cost $1499 upon release and the 4090 was $1599. When we take into account this trend, it seems likely that we’ll see an increase in price again for the RTX 5090. That fact is made even more likely by the rising cost of materials. Again though this is just an educated guess and we can’t be sure of Nvidia’s pricing model just yet.

What could the Nvidia 5000 series benchmarks look like?

We don’t yet know what sort of benchmarks Nvidia’s next generation of GPUs may boast but we can reasonably assume increased performance in both rasterization and ray tracing.

What is abundantly clear is that Nvidia will want to maintain their lead over AMD who are their main competitors in the GPU market. In general, we expect an uplift of 50 – 75%, but once again we can’t say anything for certain at this point

Will the RTX 50 series utilize GDDR7 memory?

Recently a Chinese tech site called MyDrivers reported that the RTX 50 series may be utilizing GDDR7 memory in order to achieve a massive bandwidth boost over the previous generation of GPUs. If it turns out that this is indeed the case then this would be a huge selling point for the 50 series. With the 50 series potentially improving on cores, processing architecture, and moving to GDDR7 memory then the new GPUs could blow even optimistic expectations out of the water. We could expect to see around 70% performance from the higher end 50 series models.

GDDR7 may not be that far-fetched either with Samsung having revealed GDDR7 endeavors in late 2022 and Cadence just unveiling the first GDDR7 validation solution.

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