Steam Deck Black Friday sale oled lcd deals

Steam Deck Black Friday sale 2023 (OLED & LCD)

With the release of the Steam Deck OLED we have seen Valve drop the prices of the LCD model but will it go down any further?

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Black Friday deals are about to go live across almost every single category you can think of. The Steam Deck is always a hot ticket come Black Friday with Valve frequently discounting the handheld gaming device routinely at key dates throughout the year. While black Friday is on November 24th this year, the Steam Deck LCD (older version) is already on sale. This sale is thanks to the release of the new Steam Deck OLED edition.

Valve has significantly reduced the cost of its initial LCD model, now available at $349 for the 64GB variant and $449 for the premium 512GB version. The original models are gradually being phased out to make room for the newcomers, priced at $549 and $649 respectively. While the 256GB version of the original remains available for purchase at $399, the other options are bidding farewell. We are unsure if prices will go down further, however, during the Steam Summer Sale we saw the Steam Deck 64GB get 10% off, the 256GB model with 15% off, and the 512GB model with 20% off.

When could we see Steam Deck Black Friday deals?

Steam’s Black Friday deals will start on November 21st in what is likely to be part of Steam’s next major sales event, also known as the Steam Autumn Sale. While the LCD is already on sale and stock is no doubt starting to dwindle, we could see further reductions. For anyone considering buying the new OLED edition, it is probably worth waiting to see what happens for Steam’s next sale, although we doubt the latest edition will reduce in price. It is more likely to see the various accompaniments such as monitors, docks, cases, and games to receive a discount over the coming weeks.

Steam Deck case & screen protector Black Friday deals

Whether you are buying official merchandise or third-party accessories, we expect to see several lucrative deals on select Steam Deck cases and screen protectors this year.

Steam Deck dock Black Friday deals

Whether you are buying an official dock or third-party, we expect to see many deals over the next few weeks, we will showcase the best below.

Steam Deck headset Black Friday deals

Gaming headsets for almost every brand and retailer will be receiving a Black Friday discount this year, so don’t overspend and save yourself a few dollars right here.

Steam Deck monitor Black Friday deals

This Black Friday means you should be able to pick up one of the best monitors for Steam Deck at a much lower price.

Steam Deck controller Black Friday deals

Black Friday deals should mean you are able to pick up a compatible Steam Deck controller on sale this year.

Should I wait for Black Friday to buy a Steam Deck?

If OLED doesn’t really matter much to you and you are considering buying the Steam Deck LCD edition, then no do not wait. There is always a chance they go down further in price but it isn’t worth the risk. The LCD stock will not be replenished, once it’s sold out, it’s gone.

If you are thinking about picking up the OLED model then yes, it is probably worth waiting till Valve’s next sale starts, however, we doubt the OLED edition will go down in price this year.

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