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Our top picks for the Best TV For Seniors

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As you grow older, your eyes don’t work all that well. Sure, you might be dealing with some losses in your vision, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on having the best TV in your home. You’d have to factor in a few things before getting a TV for your parents or grandparents if they’re planning on binging through some documentaries or Netflix shows.

Get the wrong TV, and they might end up not enjoying their viewing experience. It’s not fun squinting your eyes and trying to make out all the pixels. So, if you’re concerned about what kind of TV you need to buy for a senior citizen. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you with the best TV’s for seniors.

What Is The Best Streaming Service For Seniors?

If your seniors want to watch the latest TV shows and get up-to-date with newer trends, or maybe just get some entertainment, then you can’t go wrong with whatever’s tending these days. Popular on-demand video services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video are all the craze these days. 

But if you know, seniors like their daily dose of Live TV too. That’s where Sling TV comes in. It’s one of the most affordable streaming services in the US, allowing seniors to watch more than 30 channels including CNN, AMC, and History for just 20 dollars a month.

What Is The Best Smart TV Device For Seniors?

If you’re looking for a smart streaming TV device for seniors, then nothing takes the cake like the Roku Express 4K+ TV stick. Roku’s are pretty cheap for the most part and can easily be hooked up to any TV that has an HDMI port.

You get a relatively simple interface that can be navigated pretty without much hassle. Watching shows and movies is a breeze. But do you really need a Roku Stick these days? Most new TVs come built-in with either Roku TV or their very own proprietary navigation software programs that even give Roku a run for its money.

What Should I Look For In A TV For Seniors?

Before you go off buying a TV for seniors, you need to keep a few things in mind. Picture quality matters if you want your seniors glued to their TV screens. Gone are the days of SD. Even seniors want a bit of 4K action. If your budget allows it, make sure to get a 4K TV. 

If your seniors want a bit of vibrancy in their viewing experience, go for OLED TVs instead of standard LED TVs. If OLED is a bit much for you in the money department, Samsung’s QLED technology is a viable, yet relatively cheaper option.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is UI navigation. An easy-to-use remote, that features shortcuts for popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu, can make things all the easier. ROKU TV and LG Web OS are pretty intuitive to navigate. Voice Navigation can make things pretty easy for seniors.

Best TV For Seniors:  TCL 55S425

TCL 55S425

Display Technology:


Product Dimensions:

3.1″D x 49″W x 28.4″H

Refresh Rate:

120 Hz

  • Excellent picture clarity
  • Built-in Roku for quick content discovery
  • 4K Creative Pro Upscaling to convert non-HD to 4K
  • Modest 60Hz refresh rate
  • Built-in speakers could use more pop

So, why is this TLC TV the best for seniors? For starters, you get a respectable 4K panel that comes jam packed with three HDMI connections. It makes for an excellent theater setup with decent viewing angles. And if you’re trying to view standard HD content, the 4K Creative Pro Upscaling enhances image quality to a whole other level. You also get tons of picture settings to fiddle around with backlighting and brightness.

This TV gets even better with the built-in Roku Integration, which is pretty intuitive and easy to use. And to make navigation even easier, the remote comes equipped with dedicated buttons for Netflix and Sling TV. All-in-all, this is one of the best TVs you could get for seniors.

Runner-Up TV For Seniors: Sony X950G

Sony X950G

Refresh Rate


Response Timeq



55″ 65″ 75″ 85″


3840 x 2160

  • X-Motion Clarity for 120Hz refresh rate
  • Spotty internet connection at times

This Sony TV comes equipped with some fantastic tech features from the get-go. It employs full-array local dimming to enhance color richness, and its Acoustic Multi-Audio system provides your senior citizens with an immersive sound experience.

The picture quality is top-notch, too. Thanks to a clever combo of 4K, full-array local dimming, and X-tended Dynamic Range PRO 6x technology, it optimizes light levels and delivers vibrant colors. Plus, the X1 Ultimate Processor ensures stunning images with lifelike depth while reducing blur and distortion.

If you’re into fast-action content like football or polo, you’ll appreciate the X-Motion Clarity technology. It maintains a crisp refresh rate, eliminating any annoying blur during high-motion scenes.

Best Budget TV For Seniors: Samsung UN50AU8000FXZA

SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Crystal 4K UHD AU8000 UN50AU8000FXZA

Product Dimensions:

8.9″D x 44″W x 27″H

Refresh Rate:

60 Hz

Model Name:

LED UHD 8 Series

  • Universal Guide facilitates show discovery
  • Dynamic Crystal Color technology for rich color depth
  • Clunky remote; not the most responsive

If you’re running on a tight budget, the Samsung UN50AU comes jam-packed with some nifty tech at an affordable price-point. You get some sweet Dynamic Crystal Color Technology that provides you with that vibrant pop we all look for in newer TVs.

The super intuitive Universal Guide provides some well-needed accessibility, and it especially comes in handy for the elderly.

The 4K UHD processor helps convert HD video into UHD with ease. And the added Motion Rate 120 Hz technology makes for a buttery smooth viewing experience. And this best budget TV for seniors comes equipped with support for Amazon Alex and Google Assistant. The UI is pretty clean, with larger app tiles and aptly sized thumbnails that make navigation a breeze. 

4th Pick For Seniors: Samsung 8000 Series

SAMSUNG 43-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series

Refresh Rate:

60 Hz



Screen Size:

43 Inches

  • Stunning Ambient Mode for decor
  • Bezel-less design good wall mount
  • OneRemote for multiple controller detection
  • Not an anti-reflective screen
  • No backlighting on remote

The Samsung 8000 series TV features a 4K UHD screen, but with some proprietary technology that Samsung calls its Crystal Display tech. Instead of Quantum Dot Technology, you get Samsung’s Crystal Display technology, which provides comparable visual fidelity without any compromises across the board. You can set up whatever customized wallpapers you want or some family pictures on the dashboard. 

So, what makes this one of the best TVs for seniors? Well it’s the really nice OneRemote add-on which works universally with all smart home devices as well as surround sound systems and Blu-ray players. Now, your seniors won’t have to search for different remotes for different devices.

Best Sony TV For Seniors: Sony A8H Bravia

Sony A8H Bravia

Display Technology:




Refresh Rate:

120 Hz

  • Acoustic Surface Audio for spatial effects
  • Stunning picture using Pixel Contrast Booster
  • Ultra-slim and near bezel-less design; great for wall mounting
  • Highly reflective screen; best for dark room watching

Sony’s Bravia series has been around since the dawn of LED technology, and they don’t disappoint with their Bravia A8H either. If your seniors know what they want when it comes to color accuracy and the best picture quality on the market, then the A8H does the job with its picture-perfect, color-accurate OLED display. Using Sony’s Pixel Contrast Booster and TRILUMINOS display, you get really exquisite color accuracy and depth optimization, getting really great whites and deep blacks.

The Android TV platform is really intuitive when it comes to seniors. Things get even better with support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, offering voice command control for browsing your TV as well as home devices. This TV is pretty much the perfect amalgam of quality, sound, and interface.

Best LG TV For Seniors: LG C9 OLED TV



55″ 65″ 77″

Panel Type


Local Dimming Zones


Refresh Rate



Dolby Digital HDR 10

  • Exceptional sound using Dolby Atmos
  • Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor for stunning picture
  • Built-in Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands
  • Screen burn-in issue when static images are left on TV for a long time

If you’re looking for an LG TV, then the C9 OLED checks all boxes. Starting off, you get some decent 10-bit color support, offering an exceptional color range. The Alpha 9 Gen 2 Processor works wonders to optimize noise reduction and upscale non-4K content into 4K.

Using its AI-powered platform, it takes the cake in auto-adjusting the panel’s brightness depending on brightness conditions. Your seniors won’t have to fiddle around with the brightness settings one bit. The picture quality is amazing thanks to HDR1-, Hybrid Log Gamma, and Dolby Vision.

The remote control is amazing. Magic Motion allows individuals to control the on-screen mouse cursor via a sensor. This allows seniors to navigate screen menus and text entries without toggling buttons all the time. But if seniors don’t want to use the remote, voice commands can be used to navigate the LG C9 as well.

In Summary

That pretty much wraps up our top picks for the best TVs for seniors that pack all the bells and whistles your oldies are looking for. The most important aspect, by far, is ease of navigation. Seniors have a hard time figuring out Smart TV UIs. So an easy-to-use remote, larger text, and large app icons are a must-have on your next TV.

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