Grab the Samsung G85SB OLED in this Amazon Gaming Week deal

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If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity for a brand-new gaming monitor, then now’s the time to strike. As part of Amazon Gaming Week, the retailer has shared a huge number of gaming-based deals, whether that’s new gaming monitors, keyboards, mice, headsets, or more, there’s something for everyone.

Although there are some brilliant budget gaming monitors, nothing can quite compare to the higher-end monitors, with such vibrant colors high refresh rate and sheer size, investing in one of these more expensive monitors is absolutely something worth considering if you’ve got the money for it.

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Save $200 on the Samsung G85SB OLED monitor this Amazon Gaming Week

As part of Amazon’s Gaming Week sales, we’ve seen the 34-inch OLED monitor drop by $200, leading to a still lofty  $1,299 price tag. Although quite expensive, the Samsung G85SB OLED is certainly worth its high price if you’ve got the means to buy one.

But why might you want to spend that much on a monitor? Well, if you take your gaming seriously, the right monitor can make all the difference. At its core lies a very efficient 34-inch OLED panel that offers a customary 0,03ms response time. This essentially eradicates any potential smearing or ghosting that may occur on lesser technologies. Better yet, the G85SB also offers a 175Hz refresh rate, infinite contrast, true blacks, and FreeSync Premium Pro – all features that lead to an excellent monitor.

When is Amazon Gaming Week 2023?

Amazon Gaming Week begins May 22nd and ends May 28th. Once we hit May 22nd however, these are sure to ramp up and there will be deals on all sorts of gaming-related products including peripherals, laptops, and PCs.

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