Help in silencing ASUS 560ti (DirectCU II cooling)

They make noise, too.

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Help in silencing ASUS 560ti (DirectCU II cooling)

Post by sundancekid » Thu Nov 21, 2013 8:04 am

MY GPU is Nvidia 560ti, from ASUS, and it has directCU II cooling. I think the temps are quite ok (max 70-75 on load), but the card is just way, way too loud. If my PC is at idle noise is ok, but whenever I play any game, my GPU turns into jet engine... The noise is similar to noise on this video:

That awful sound is the reason I started to hate games and everything else that makes my GPU hot..... So I finally decided to do something about it, and I found this place :) I have a few dilemmas on what/how should I try to solve this problem. First, do I buy new cooling (I was considering arctic twin turbo II) or do I just change those awful fans on my GPU (passive cooler looks good to me, so maybe changing and mounting new fans would do the trick) ???

I found this topic:


with this image:


So I was thinking maybe I could do the same thing with my GPU, but I have a lot of questions like:

- I couldn't find any videos on DirectCU II disassembling - is it complicated, don't know how these current fans are mounted on the card
- I guess I should mount two PWM fans, but (as I can see) there is only one power source on GPU?!
- I don't know what size/type these new fans should be, should I go 2x120mm?
- Do these new bigger fans require more power than GPU connector can provide??
- Is it worth it? - bottom line - where I live, I don't have many options (quite a few hardware stores) so, I could buy 2 Noctua (or some other brand) 120mm fans for 20 euros and do this mod myself....or order arctic twin turbo II cooler which will probably cost me 50-60 euros..... So, I'm also wondering is it worth trying to change the fans...dont wanna end up spending 20-30 euros on fans, and still having to buy custom cooler...

I apologize for writing quite a long post, and also for my grammar (english is not my native language), and I look forward to any opinions and suggestions on my many dilemmas :)

If needed - my PC specs are:
MB - ASUS sabertooth x58
CPU - i7 950 with NH-d14 cooling
GPU - Nvidia (ASUS) GTX 560ti
PSU - Gigabyte superb 620w
2x4GB Kingston hyper x RAM
Case - Thermaltake V4 (one front intake and one back out, booth 120mm fans)

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Re: Help in silencing ASUS 560ti (DirectCU II cooling)

Post by frenchie » Thu Nov 21, 2013 9:59 am

Welcome to SPCR !!!

1- Dis-assembly should be easy, it's usually just a few small screws (heatsink cover and fans)
2- If your fans fit the power connector on the card, get a Y splitter and you can plug 2 fans in 1 header. If they don't fit, you can use a fan connector on your motherboard or a connector from your PSU (you will need an adaptor for this) to power the fans.
3- fan size : get the biggest fans that fit the heatsink. Anything too much bigger is not useful.
4- fan power: probably not. The fans on your GPU will probably have a sticker with the power on them, that should give you good guidance. Otherwise, see item number 2 above
5- I believe it will be worth it. Larger "quality" fan = slower speed for same amount of air = lower noise

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Re: Help in silencing ASUS 560ti (DirectCU II cooling)

Post by sundancekid » Sat Nov 23, 2013 2:15 pm

Thank you for your answer friend, I will try to do it like that. I have 2 spare fans, booth are 120mm (Thermaltake that was on my previous CPU cooler "contac29" - that one has PWM, and another Chieftec D12SL-12 - I don't if this one has PWM, I used it as case fan for my old PC..), so I hope that those two are not too big... I know that 92mm would probably be the fitting size for DirectCU II heatsink, and I wanted to go with a pair of Arctic F9 cooler, but I coludn't find them where I live, and ordering them online would be to much money (cause of the taxes..etc..) I hope these two will do the trick :)

I don't know how current/default fans on GPU are connected to one power source, I'm hoping there is a Y splitter that I can use to connect new fans.

I googled a little more, and noticed that a lot of guys are complaining about DirectCU II cooling in terms of awful noise that default coolers generate. It's strange nobody made step by step instructions (video or with pictures) on how to disassemble DirectCU II cooler, and how to mount and connect another pair of fans etc...anyway, I thing it should be quite simple....

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